WIP: Fun Times with My First Knitted Project

Venturing into the wonderful world of knitting as a crocheter is exciting. Stitches function so differently in the two yarn crafts that the exploration process is a delight. To me that process means a lot of hands-on practice so that I can get the most out of each stitch. The seasoned musician in me urges me to practice each new stitch excessively: casting on multiple times, working entire pieces in only knit stitch or purl stitch. When searching for a project for which I could use my newfound knitting skills, Laura Huslander, project editor for knits, suggested the Rainbow Cowl that takes advantage of the garter stitch I have been practicing.

As I worked the cowl, some frustrating yet enlightening things happened. Stitch shapes began to solidify. Purl bumps began to materialize before my eyes. Then, I figured out how to pick up drop stitches by following the path of previously crafted stitches. Holes in the fabric revealed themselves to be accidental yarn overs. Through my mistakes I began to mold myself into a better knitter. At the start of the cowl, my work was very, very tightly knit. After showing my work to a fellow knitter, she showed me how to properly pick. The fabric then loosened into a much more pleasant texture! Although I was frustrated by the visible errors, I was also excited to experience the small moments of craft enlightenment.

One especially fruitful lesson I learned was from Joni Coniglio, senior project editor of Interweave Knits. She is the queen of grafting and showed me how to seamlessly join the two ends of my cowl. With a yarn needle I mimicked the knit stitches of the cowl to join the finished edge at the start of my cowl to the live edge at the end of my cowl. As soon as I finish grafting, I will have my first finished project, which thrills me to no end. The mistakes show the effort I put into it and how much I learned. I’m stoked about everything I’ve learned and I’m on the hunt for another project.

Do you have a suggestion for my next project? Let me know in the comments below!


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