WIP Wednesday: Creating Stitch Surprises Where There Should Be None

I have to be honest, when I volunteered to write about my most recent work in progress, the Cucina dishtowel from Quick and Easy Knits, I had just started knitting, and I was feeling significantly more confident.

I’ve started a number of practice swatches in the past, but I’ve never finished an entire knitting project before. So when Quick and Easy Knits hit my desk, I knew it was time.

I settled on the Cucina Dishtowel designed by Kathy Hammerton. Cute yet functional, this pattern looked completely doable for someone who’s only knitted things of the rectangular variety. Like so many beginning knitters before me, I thought, how hard can it be?

quick and easy knits

I was so proud of myself. I picked out the yarn on my own and bought myself my first pair of dpns. I was ready to rock. The towel’s pattern begins super easy with rows of garter stitch. I was doing alright by all appearances; that is, until I hit the seed-stitch section.

Not much of a surprise here, but I had never knitted a seed stitch before. By my estimation, it seemed just as easy as garter. After a quick peek at some tutorial videos, I got into it. I followed the stitch guide carefully and got about halfway through the rows before looking down and noticing something was definitely wrong.

quick and easy knits

As you can see, what I was knitting was definitely not a seed stitch. After shamefully presenting my towel to a coworker, I learned that I had been knitting some fairly successful ribbing. That was great and all, but what the heck was I doing wrong?

Turns out that the pattern had called for an odd number of cast-on stitches to accommodate for the seed stitch pattern, and despite my careful attempt at counting, I must have cast on an even amount instead.

At this point, I had two options: admit defeat and start over, or embrace my mistake and move forward.

I chose to do neither and wallow. I tucked my towel deep in my project bag and tried to pretend that I didn’t just sign up to write a blog post about a failed project. But as my deadline drew nearer, there came a point when I could no longer ignore my sad, forgotten towel.

With little time left to start over, I decided the best thing to do was to pick myself up out of the one-knitter pity party I was having and keep working on my towel. I’m so happy I did. After some thought, I realized that I needed to see the benefits in the situation: I had learned a new stitch that I hadn’t even meant to. I was well on my way toward my first finished project. I had admitted defeat but didn’t let what I’m now calling an “unexpected design element” stop me. I had gotten back on the horse and continued on.

Ever had an unexpected design element happen in your Knitting? Let me know in the comments, and check out Quick and Easy Knits for yourself!

Oh, and by the way, I finally figured out seed stitch, too!

Happy Knitting,

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  1. Denise P at 9:09 am January 26, 2018

    There are NO mistakes. Merely moments of creative opportunity. Embrace them and fly!

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