WIP: Broken Lines Pullover from Knitting Short-Rows

I will get to meet Jennifer Dassau when she visits Interweave’s offices, and I couldn’t be more excited. Her new book, Knitting Short Rows, impressed me when it first came out in late 2016—beautiful patterns, clear techniques, and deep discussions of when to choose between different methods for short rows. Yep, I dig the nerdy technical side of knitting.

Now that I’m actually knitting my first project from her book, it will be even more fun to chat with Jennifer! Last week, I swatched and cast on for the Broken Lines Pullover. This pattern caught my eye way back in January, when I wrote about sweater silhouettes that flattered my petite rectangle body type.

jennifer dassau

Broken Lines also uses up some old yarn in my stash. I’ve had this stuff since before Ravelry existed, back in the dawn of knitting time. When I lived in Kansas, every road trip to Lawrence included a visit to the Yarn Barn. On one happy day, I found a batch of DK-weight silk and wool yarn, very similar to Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, in the remainder bin. One big skein came in a medium-gray; the others were undyed.

All these skeins traveled to the cash register, then back to my stash closet—where they promptly sat for some time. I dyed some of the yarn burgundy, some deep blue, and some light blue, then knitted 3 different sweaters that became wardrobe staples until I gave them away. There was still plenty of hand-dyed yarn left over, plus the entire skein of medium-gray. Most of the burgundy and blue yarns went into another dye bath, where they became a rich almost-black with undertones of the original colors. All this gorgeous yarn sat for a few more years, waiting for the perfect project.

Then Jennifer’s book crossed my path. When I saw Broken Lines, the word “Eureka!” crossed my lips. At last, the perfect project had arrived. Smart swatching revealed that I could achieve stitch gauge with this yarn on size 4 needles. My advanced gauge tricks wouldn’t be necessary.

However, my row gauge was off: the pattern called for 6 stitches per row, and I was getting 7 stitches to the inch. Since the Broken Lines Pullover is a top-down sweater with simultaneous set-in sleeves, I couldn’t ignore row gauge. I went back to Sara Dudek’s post about planning a top-down raglan and recalculated the rate of increase for the armholes and sleeve caps. The armhole depth will now fit me, and only Jennifer would notice that my increases don’t match her pattern—I slipped in a few extra rows to achieve perfect armhole depth.

jennifer dassau

Now I’ve divided the body from the sleeves, and knitting will go much faster. A few more calculations will help me place the waist shaping at the right spot and evenly taper the sleeves when I shorten them for my stubby little T-rex arms. Maybe I can even try on the sweater for Jennifer! I hope she likes my variations! #designerfangirl #knittingstalker

Knitting Short-Rows by Jennifer Dassau


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