WIP Wednesday: Blackcomb Cowl from Garter Stitch Revival

I have been going to the New York Sheep and Wool festival every year without fail since I moved to the East Coast from metro Detroit in 2005. It’s an annual excuse to acquire at least a little bit (if not a lot) of interesting yarn. Several years ago, one of those purchases was a large hank of Briar Rose Fibers Sonoma. This handpainted bulky yarn drew me in with its depth of color and irresistible rugged26-yet-squishy quality. And yet it has languished in my stash ever since I brought it home, because I haven’t found quite the right pattern for it—until recently, when Interweave’s new book Garter Stitch Revival revealed this yarn’s perfect match.

Garter Stitch Revival

The Blackcomb Cowl by Holli Yeoh is a textured, oversized cowl knit in allover double garter stitch. I was immediately intrigued by this project and its simple yet striking look, as well as the way it took garter stitch to another level.

Judging by the bit I’ve knit up so far, I was right about this yarn–pattern pairing. The simple method of double garter stitch, which involves double-wrapping your stitches as you go, creates a springy fabric that reminds me a little of brioche knitting. It’s pleasing to the touch and the eye, and is sure to provide lots of warmth.

With spring starting to emerge where I live, this project isn’t necessarily seasonally appropriate. But I hope to finish it up soon—most definitely before the fall—so I can show it off in October at the place it all started: the New York Sheep and Wool festival.

What are you working on? And does it by chance involve a special yarn–pattern match?

– Maya Elson
Content Editor, Interweave Books

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