Winter Knitting with Knitscene

A lot of us are multi-taskers when it comes to knitting. We listen to the radio or books on tape, watch TV, ride shotgun and navigate on the way to somewhere, and some people are even talented enough to read books while knitting. I aspire to achieve this level of knitting awesomeness (Amy has, and it’s pretty neat to witness).

I’ve gotten so used to knitting while I’m watching TV that I feel kind of naked without a project in my hands. For me it’s super important that I don’t try to watch something particularly intense. If it’s scary or high drama, I tend to tighten my tension too much, making for uneven stitches. If the show is something that I need to pay really close attention to, the knitting needs to be very simple, like rounds upon rounds of stockinette.

Radio shows and podcasts are fantastic for knitting since so much of the action of the show is happening in your imagination. I have no idea what so many people on the radio look like, but I know what they look like to me! This lack of a visual component makes radio less distracting. I knit my first sweater listening to episodes of Gunsmoke and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, getting lost in the adventures of Matt Dillion, United States Marshal, and Johnny Dollar, the insurance investigator with an action packed expense account respectively. Nowadays there are tons of podcasts, factual, fictional, and blends of the two, that make for excellent listening while knitting.

This kind of situation is perfect for winter weather and winter knitting, especially if, like me, you’re not into the whole winter sports scene. Knitscene Winter is filled with projects you’ll want to wear the whole season long, inside and out! The knits are divided up by category, outerwear grouped with outerwear, accessories with accessories. This winter essentials collection approach makes it easy to see like things at a glance. The photo shoot was incredibly fun and that comes through in the pictures here!

Looking for some sweet, stylish, and straightforward mittens? Hannah Baker has your back (and your hands!). The Vänskap (friendship in Swedish) Mittens have bold stripes and a ribbed cuff, beautiful and ideal to keep your wrists and fingers warm.


Jesie Ostermiller’s Snowfall Sweater channels that winter wonderland scenery outside your window and will keep you roasty toasty. High contrast yarn colors make this eye-catching and dramatic!


Not sure what kind of temperature you’re going to run into? Try the Casa Loma Jacket by Sachiko Burgin or the Trapunto Vest by Katya Frankel. Vests are fantastic layering items, and these two have beautiful details that make them stand out.


Casa Loma Jacket


Trapunto Vest

The thing is that knitting satisfies different needs. Yes, it’s a hobby, but sometimes it’s a distraction, sometimes it’s a challenge, sometimes it’s just plain fun. It’s something to talk about, something to be proud of, and something that might encourage other people in your life to try out the same crafty pursuit. Winter was made for knitting, and I encourage you to get a glass of something warm, find a comfy chair, and get to it!

Happy winter knitting,


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