Winter Knitting, with Gratitude

This is the time of year for taking stock. Sure, there can be a lot of stress involved in the holidays, but at the root of this time of year it’s really all about remembering what we have. To be grateful. To remember friends and family, to remember that we are are safe and fed, that the little things add up to big things. That Adele is back.

This Thanksgiving I encourage you to put your phone away and focus on the people around you, to pay attention to and appreciate the place and time where you are. Share some food and drink, ask each other questions, tell your ridiculous stories, be kind to one another. Bring your knitting with you and furiously knit stockinette as your pies are baking; garter your way through that green bean casserole; tackle cables in your post turkey stupor. OK, maybe not on that last one, but you see what I’m getting at.

winter knitting

Kiyomi Burgin’s Deep Woods Toque, a perfect winter knitting project.

My mom often knits at family gatherings and it’s awesome to see the youngest generation ask her questions about what she’s making. Kids want to feel the yarn, see pictures of the pattern, and sometimes they want to knit! It’s often something new to them and their inquisitiveness is boundless.

Sometimes adults are this way too if we’re given the opportunity. We spend so much time in front of screens that we can easily lose track of the people and events around us. While I do knit while watching TV, I knit more while listening to the radio, or when I’m out with friends. Bringing your knitting to a restaurant or bar can get you involved in conversations with strangers in no time, and that can be pretty fun.

winter knitting

Talitha Kuomi’s Morphing Cowl is knit flat and will come together quickly, just in time for this winter business.

If you haven’t started your winter knitting, now is definitely the time. I just cast on a Knitscene sweater (more on that to come) and my goal is to wear it home to Maryland for Christmas. We’ll see if I can do it! Knitscene Winter 2015 has a plethora of projects, large and small, perfect for casting on right now. Sweaters! Hats! Scarves! For her or him, to keep or to give, there are projects for all. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say one of my favorite things ever is casting on with a wool yarn in the winter. It’s so satisfying.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and have some time over the next few days and weeks to remember the good things in your life. Plus, a great thing about Thanksgiving is it’s food-centric, and I like to live in a food-centric manner. Of course there are ups and downs in life, and this time of year can be a real kicker. But we as knitters have a unique outlet through which we can channel any potential stress and upset: new patterns, new yarns, new knit creations. If you don’t have anything exciting on your needles to see you through the holidays, I encourage you to cast on immediately! And also, have seconds on pie. Always have seconds on pie.

Yours in a yarn filled Thanksgiving,


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