Winter knitting patterns: Hoping for a snow day!

Snowflake knit cowl pattern from the brand new issue of winter knitscene!

Snowflake Cowl from the brand new winter issue of knitscene

“Snow day.” There’s something magical about that phrase. What comes to mind for me is hot coffee on the couch with a fire in the fireplace, and of course, winter knitting patterns. In Spokane we didn’t have many snow days when I was little. Snow was a part of our daily lives in the winter; we had appropriate snow removal equipment and we knew how to drive on the slick roads.

When I lived in Seattle, however, it was a totally different story. Two inches of snow, and the entire city SHUT DOWN. I’m not kidding. People abandoned their cars on the freeway, there were horrible accidents, and everyone stayed put until the snow melted, which was usually the next day, thankfully.

One winter, though, we had a really bad storm, and the city closed down for about a week. Luckily I lived within walking distance of a grocery store, I had plenty of wood for the fireplace, and I was in the middle of knitting a fun sweater project. Heaven.

This winter, I’m hoping for lots of snow and plenty of (self-selected) snow days. I love working at home, but the temptation to take a mid-day knitting break is sometimes too much to resist!

Today Hannah is here to tell you about perfect winter knitting patterns for snow days, in the new issue of knitscene.

Snow Day: Hooray!

When I was in college, the rule for snow days was if the president of the university could walk from his home to his office, classes were in session. The problem with that was that his home was on campus and less than a quarter mile away from his office. We had very few snow days. These days, living and working in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, I’ve had several more snow days than I was used to in the past.

When the snow starts to pile up, there is initial cause for worry if there’s a chance we’ll have to drive on the icy roads to work. Sometimes, like a miracle, our boss, Lisa Shroyer, sends everyone a message that lets us know the office is closed, and everyone gets a snow day. The worry instantly turns to relief (unless there is a deadline coming up!), and I curl up on the couch to watch movies and knit. I hope this is what snow days look like for you, too.

Winter knitting patterns galore from the new issue of knitscene

Clockwise from top left: Hot Cocoa Sweater, Mirth Tunic, Latte Pullover, Slopes Cardigan, Ski Lodge Cardigan, Frosting Pullover, Banquet Sweater

Knitscene Winter 2016 is a celebration of the moments we get back to ourselves when weather or holiday breaks mean we don’t have to be somewhere. The designer collection from Jesie Ostermiller is all about ski fashion and features items one would knit for hitting the slopes—or at least for sipping a hot beverage by the lodge fireplace.

The Have a Ball story is a huge party! These projects are created with lace patterns, but in bigger gauges than the typical lightweight lace of spring and summer.

If you're looking for winter knitting patters, look not further than the Snowball Cap from knitscene winter 2016!

Snowball Cap

Snow Day is filled with cozy knits you just want to bundle up in when you are stuck inside as the snow comes down outside.

Kate Atherley returns in Pattern Play to explain pattern repeats, and Sarah Solomon dives deep into the structure of lace, so you can keep learning through the cold.

Curl up with me this winter, and let’s get knitting.

—Hannah Baker, Editor, knitscene

Start your snow day plans with Hannah and the new issue of knitscene! The digital issue is available now, or pre-order the print edition. We’ve got all of the winter knitting patterns that you’ll need for the upcoming season!










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