Winners from the Blog It to Win It Contest

We're ready to wrap up our blog contest and announce the winners. Who had the best design work, heartwarming story, and most entertaining blog? Read on to find out!

Blog It To Win It Contest Winners

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Have you ever read a blog that made your tear up because it was so heartfelt, or laugh so hard your co-workers look at you like you’re crazy? Or look at someone’s amazing designs and all you can do is stare in awe? Well then you know what it was like to be me earlier this week.

I had the pleasure of judging (with a few others on our contest panel) the three winners of the Blog It to Win It contest. The contest was so close that we had to add additional panel members to be our tie breakers. When the dust settled we had our three winners and we’re pleased to congratulate them.

Blog It to Win It Contest Winners

One of our beginner-knitting blog winners was Ashley Britt, for her blog, My First Knitting Project. This incredible story was the winner for the most heartwarming/best story category. You’ll want to have a box of tissues nearby when you read this one!

Next, our winner for best design work was Claudia Donnelly, for her My First Knitting Project blog. She actually designed her first project, and quite beautifully, I must say. She continues to create absolutely stunning designs, and loves seeing how her work has grown and evolved over time.

Our third winner is Jenna Wingate, in the most entertaining/better luck next time category, for her blog My Learning To Knit Story: A Dramatic Reading. Her blog showed the dark side of knitting; figuring out whether you are knitting or purling, and frustrations with trying to follow your first pattern. She persevered to create a single handwarmer before taking a leap to a self-designed pattern for her pup, which was quite incredible.

Wrapping It Up with Great Beginner Tips

Our panel enjoyed reading the tips and tricks on so many of the blogs that we decided to take a few of them (including one from each of our winners) and put them together on this learn how to knit/tips for beginners page. Perfect for beginners, but also great for more experienced knitters, this page has some of the best tips we’ve seen.

Enjoy, and once again, congratulations to all three winners!

Tiffany and the Knitting Daily team

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