Win Prism Art Yarn to Make Your Own Bias Shawl Pattern

Favorite guests Laura Bryant and Barry Klein are back on Series 800 of Knitting Daily TV with more how-to tips, techniques, and patterns. On episode 803, Laura and Barry discuss color blending using various fun, colorful yarns that can be knit together. These tips are great for stash-busting, as they can utilize those small amounts of yarn that you just can't bear to throw away!

Laura and Barry are also helping us celebrate our 100th episode season of Knitting Daily TV with a generous donation of yarn! See below for details on how you can win Prism handyed yarns for your stash.

See Laura and Barry with expert Shay Pendray on episode 803:

Does your stash of yarn look like a fruit salad? Full of various colors and textures, varying in weights and yarn types? With Laura and Barry's color blending tips, you can organize your fruit salad stash into color stories, and all those tiny bits of yarn you've been saving all of a sudden have great potential in a garment! To avoid one of these yarns sticking out too much in a finished piece, you can always hold one yarn throughout the garment, as seen in this episode with the sweater on the table in front of Shay. Or, be adventurous and knit all those pieces together for a great shawl or scarf.  

In this episode Shay Pendray is sporting one of Laura Bryant's designs, the Bias Shawl (also seen at right). This unique shawl (or scarf) is the perfect example of color blending and stash-busting. You can download the pattern for the Bias Shawl online at

We're giving one lucky winner some unique Prism Art, Inc. yarns to add to their stash to knit his/her own Bias Shawl. The handyed colors and textures of Prism yarns add fun elements to this shawl, and we want to make sure you have them in your stash! Simply comment on this post for your chance to win. Tell us about your yarn stash! Have you organized it into color stories so you can see what stash-busting, color blending opportunities await your needles? What color seems to appear most in your stash? Are you into bright, textured yarns? Or, is your stash full of natural wools? How would your stash benefit from some of Prism's yarns? Do you need more color, more texture?

We'll randomly choose one lucky winner from all the comments at noon Central Time on Monday, March 12th, so comment before then for your chance to win. We'll give you enough yarn to knit the Bias shawl completely in Prism yarns, or simply add these yarns to your stash for more exciting opportunities in stash-busting projects.


This blog post has been sponsored by Prism Arts, Inc. Visit the Prism Arts, Inc. website for more handyed yarns and patterns.  

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