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The celebration of the 100th episode season continues! This week on Tuned In To Knitting Daily TV's blog, we encourage you to try something new: Portuguese knitting! Guest Andrea Wong shares with you the fundamentals and history of this technique. Plus, Andrea offers one lucky reader the materials to get started! (See below for your chance to win!) Here's Andrea:

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Portuguese Style of Knitting, Andrea Wong:
Since there are significant variations in techniques and between countries, a geographic denomination is not an ideal way to name a knitting style, but I decided to do so because my mother and I learned this way of knitting from a native Portuguese lady.

Knitting with the yarn around the neck or around a hooked pin is the predominant style of knitting in Portugal, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt among other countries.

All references I read indicate that knitting started somewhere in the Middle East and then spread into Europe and finally arrived in the Americas only five hundred years ago with Portuguese and Spanish colonization. This ancient style of knitting arrived in Portugal and it was done with hooked needles made of copper wire. These hooked needles are still used in the countries I mentioned above. Mary Thomas reported the discovery of five hooked needles and a sock in a twelve-century Turkish tomb (1390). They are similar to the ones French people used around 1930s made of umbrella ribs. Peruvians also knit this way and use bicycle spokes to obtain the same tool: knitting needles with hooks at one end. The other end looks like a regular needle.

A peculiar aspect of the Portuguese Style of Knitting though is the use of a knitting pin on their shoulder (alfinete ou gancho). The knitters thread the yarn around the pin instead of around the neck to keep yarn from rubbing directly against the skin and to maintain even tension. In the late 19th century these pins were made of bones or wood.

But what is different about the Portuguese Knitting? Because you tension the yarn around your neck (or knitting pin) this styles requires less maneuvering of your hands (very ergonomic) and make your tension even from beginning. The purl stitch is easier than the knit stitch and that's why the Peruvian uses the purl exclusively, working garments circularly and inside out. As you will see in the program 811 on the Knitting Daily series, knitting with multiple colors is also easier!


There is much more to tell you!

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One lucky reader of this blog could win Andrea's Portuguese Style of Knitting book and a knitting pin to get started. Simply by comment on this post before noon Central time on Monday, March 26th, and you're automatically entered to win. We'll randomly choose one winner from all the comments and contact you to receive your prizes!

Ask Andrea a question about the technique, the history behind it, or share your experience with Portuguese Knitting. Have you tried this technique? Found it easier? Anxious to try? Andrea would love to hear from you, and here's your chance to have your questions answered.

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  1. Jacquie T at 5:20 am March 22, 2017

    Would love to win. Always love to try something new

  2. Deb R at 11:11 am August 24, 2017

    watched one of your videos was awesome. Luv doing fair isle so this would be great asset

  3. Sue H at 2:47 pm March 13, 2019

    Fascinating! I can see from the video how both knit and purl stitches are done with less effort than my current “throwing” style. And the idea of circular knitting being done wrong side out is intriguing. Would require a switch in how a pattern is read.
    I do have a question.
    I’m currently getting into knitting with multiple colors. Do you wear a knitting pin for each color of yarn being used?
    Thank you. This would be fun to win

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