Williams Cloche: a Mobius Knit Hat

Winter is coming. So says GoT, so says the thermometer every morning. The time for increased knitwear wearing is upon us, which means it’s time to break out the accessories, or make new ones as the case may be!

A lot of us started our illustrious knitting careers with small projects, scarves, shawls, hats. Hats can be simple or complicated but no matter what they are never too big, and therefore they come together pretty quickly! Not to mention that they can be excellent stash busters since you often, as in the case of this stylish hat, only need one skein to create it.


It’s ideal to start making winter wear in the fall and thus to have an adequate knitwear arsenal ready to go when the snow starts falling. I immediately wanted to add Sarah Solomon’s Williams Cloche from Knitscene Fall to my wardrobe. It is a beautiful knit hat that starts with a mobius cast-on, which is similar to a tubular cast-on but with more twisting. The first time I attempted this cast-on was a brain bender. My mom and I were trying it together and we could not understand it. For over an hour. When we quit the attempt in frustration my boyfriend at the time watched the same YouTube video we’d been studying, picked up and needles and yarn, and awesomely made it happen. We were impressed.


Amy and I both cast on for this hat. You can see how our needles are twisted for the mobius cast-on.

The mobius technique makes for a very stretchy and forgiving cast-on, perfect if you’re not sure how big/small your hat needs to be. It’s an awesome and mindbendingly cool technique, and even when you understand it it still feels like magic! The twist it makes is, I think, quite fashionable, and you can decide if you want it to be front and center, like the model in the magazine above, or to the side:


Using a yarn like Juniper Moon Moonshine, a delicious blend of wool, alpaca, and silk, means that this hat is super luxurious. As it only takes one skein, you can make one for yourself and one to give away without breaking the bank. We’re rapidly approaching the most gift giving time of year, and I think it’s safe to say that handmade gifts are the best. Make a hat for yourself, one to give away, and a spare just in case someone unexpected shows up. We have plenty of time to have creative and handmade holidays if we start now!

Knit happy,


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