Why The Comfy Socks Are Lonely

More than 300 of you wrote in to say why you thought the Comfy Socks were a bit lonely. The two factors mentioned most often were the bulky yarn/large gauge used in the pattern, and—surprisingly—the photograph.

The bulky yarn part made sense—most of you felt that these knitted socks wouldn't fit inside your shoes, and even if they did, they would be thick and thus decidedly Un-Comfy. I agree that these are really more around-the-house-socks than they are wear-inside-your-sneakers socks.

What surprised me was the overwhelming feedback about the photo—and how much detail you gave in your critiques. I cannot tell you how valuable those comments were to all of us here–so thanks to each and every one of you who wrote in.

Here's what we learned—and I say "we," because I am going to share your comments with the magazine and book editors here so we all can keep your feedback in mind at the next photoshoot!

What everyone pointed out was how "bunched up" the heel looked on the sock worn by our gentleman model. This made it look as though the sock did not fit well, particularly through the heel. And who wants to knit a sock that doesn't fit well?

You also noted that the photo was taken so far back that you couldn't really see any of the details of the sock; the colorful yarn, although pretty, also obscured what the sock looked like.

So: Better photos are a must, and a wider variety of yarns, gauges, and difficulty levels in sock patterns would be nice too. Thanks so much for the feedback!

— Sandi



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