When Tragedy Strikes: Fixing Tough Mistakes

We’ve all made knitting mistakes. Whether it’s a simply a dropped stitch, or a more complicated mis-crossed cable, there is a fix (that doesn’t involve starting over!) for almost every mistake.

One of my favorite teachers, Patty Lyons, has a new video workshop that will change your knitting life! In Advanced Knitting Fixes, Patty shows you how to fix errors in complex knitting. She demos things like fixing lace mistakes, correcting mis-crossed cables, dealing with shaping mistakes, fixing color knitting problems, and much more. Here’s a preview of her workshop:

As I mentioned above, Patty is a really fabulous teacher, and she understands that learning how to fix mistakes is part of becoming a great knitter.

I know from experience that knowing how to fix your mistakes builds your confidence in taking on complex projects—if you know you’ll be able to troubleshoot and fix errors, you won’t worry about knitting an intricate cable or lace project.

Best of all, though, Patty will show you how to fix problems you discover after you’re done knitting. I always seem to make my buttonholes too large, but leave it to Patty to come up with a wonderful way to tighten them up. You’ll learn how to cover up mistakes as well as well as create new knitting to replace a mistake. There are also drastic fixes where you cut your knitting (I’m clutching my pearls along with you, readers!). The great thing is that Patty makes it look easy. Truly.

Download Advanced Knitting Fixes today and, as Patty says, become a knitting surgeon!


P.S. Do you have a favorite knit fix? Share it with is in the comments!



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