When bad bind-offs happen to good people

Not an enjoyable edge!

All knitters have a bag of tricks. There are certain short-cuts, special techniques, and work-arounds we all use every day. But our thirst for more is unquenchable.

It’s been my experience while teaching knitting classes, that most knitters are lifelong learners. There are no old dogs in knitting, just new tricks!

I love the look on a knitter’s face when he or she learns a new technique or a way to improve an old one.

Designer and teacher Patty Lyons is here today to share one of my favorite tricks. I know I had a huge smile on my face when I learned this method for tightening that ugly loose loop at the end of a bind-off.

A Better Bind-Off

When you bind off do you get something that looks like a noose at the end of your knitting? Does it bug you as much as it does me? You can see that noose-looking thing in the photo above.

We can do better then that, can’t we? Here’s how:

Fig 1) Slip the last unworked stitch back to the right needle; Fig 2) With the tip of your left needle, pick up the left (back) loop of the stitch in the row below the unworked stitch, inserting the needle back to front; Fig 3) Move the unworked stitch back to the left needle; Fig 4) Knit the last stitch and the leg of the row below together, as if you were doing a k2tog; Figs 5 and 6) This will move the slack of that sloppy last stitch to the back of your work.
A better bind-off!

Ta da! After you bind-off the last (now newly) neatened stitch, your edge will look beautifully flat and tidy bind-off shown in the photo at right.

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—Patty Lyons, Knitting Bag of Tricks

Isn’t that easy and wonderful? It’s the little things . . .

And there are a lot of little things in Knitting Bag of Tricks. These are easy, logical fixes that Patty has developed over many years of teaching.

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