What’s Your (Knitting) Mood?

Lace mood board from the 2011 Interweave Knits Calendar
Kathleen’s bird board

Have you heard of mood boards?

Traditionally, mood boards were used mainly in advertising to show clients a collage of ideas, words, color schemes, photos, and symbols that represented the agency’s idea for an ad campaign. Recently, they’ve found their way into all kinds of design work, including web design, graphic design, clothing design, jewelry design, and knitting design!

What puts the “mood” in “mood board”? Basically, it’s the emotion that you feel when you’re gathering materials and putting together the items. The board isn’t just about appearance, it’s about the feeling you want to portray.

I have been doing mood boards for years, but I’ve called them collages (sound familiar??). I have an embarrassment of riches in the form of papercrafting supplies and one of my favorite things to do is decorate bulletin boards.

My doggie board is pictured below right. I’ve been gathering dog photos, fine art prints, and other items for years, and I pulled out some of my favorites to make this board. It’s been gracing my office in Seattle and Spokane for four years now and I still enjoy looking at it. When I find a new doggie item, I just add it to the board, which keeps it fresh and fun.

I’ve recently been doing some mood boards online. The board (above) is one that I did about birds. I love birds, and there are so many bird motif items out there right now. I especially love the owl—it’s a rug hook kit!

A mood board is essentially a visual representation of a brainstorming session, and knitting designers have some beautiful minds! The new 2011 Interweave Knits Calendar is an amazing collection of twelve mood boards, all focused on knitting techniques.

My favorite is the image for July, which is a celebration of lace (top left). (And it has a bird in it, which is probably what pushed it to the top of the list for me.)

Kathleen’s doggie board

I’ve been looking at the calendar for a few days now, and it’s inspired me to make a new board! I have a HUGE bulletin board (it’s 4 feet wide and 3 feet tall!) and I think I’m going to do a bird/flower/flourish board.

I’ve been gathering items for this board, including several knitted items—felted bird, some knitted flowers, a felted flower brooch, an intarsia swatch that features a flower, and some crocheted leaves.

I think I’ll start in the middle of the big board and work my way out—that way the board can be up on the wall and not look too piecemeal. It’ll be a work in progress art piece.

Want to join me in mood board land? Make your board and post a photo of it in the Reader Gallery! And get some inspiration from the 2011 Interweave Knits Calendar, too.


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