What’s the Deal with Athleisure?

I have a love/hate relationship with the athleisure trend. The Pinterest-surfing couch potato in me is enchanted by uber-stylish women and men wearing expensive, non-functional “athletic” wear. The other, more rational part of me realizes that my athletic wear is just that—athletic wear meant exclusively for the gym, which is the case for most of us mere mortals.

So when I was tooling around Pinterest to get ideas for knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017, I hesitated when my athleisure board popped up. Did I really want to jump fully on board the athleisure train? Then I realized that including an athleisure story was an opportunity to expand on a trend that we all love (and maybe also hate) with gorgeous, super-wearable, comfortable, stylish knits paired with a slick, modern wardrobe attainable by the 99 percent.

One of my life goals is to wear my pajamas to work without anyone being the wiser. The Athleisure collection in knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017 is the closest I’ve come to accomplishing my goal. Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite knits in this collection that bridge the gap between loungewear and daywear.

The Amherst Pullover by Amanda Scheuzger features two-color brioche stitch at the yoke and single-color brioche at the hem and cuffs. HiKoo Simplinatural, distributed by Skacel, is a soft, warm, and sophisticated fiber that brings this casual look to the next level. The peek-a-boo leggings and street shoes we styled it with keep this look urban, but throw this sweater on with a skirt or a pair of wide-leg trousers and it’s ready for the office (even though you’ll feel like you’re curled up on the couch).


I talked about the Marblehead Poncho by Lana Jois in my recent post about swonchos, but what I said there bears repeating—this is one dope sweater. It was the first design I pinned up on my corkboard when I was considering submissions. My plan is to make this ASAP in gorgeous Toft DK and not take it off until it disintegrates. I’m not kidding.


My final favorite from the Athleisure story is the blanket cardigan of my dreams: the Northampton Cardigan by Amanda Bell. Made in Rowan’s new Hemp Tweed, a cozy take on a hemp fiber,this sweater is ideal for year-round wear. It’s made from the top down and features a simple but engaging lace collar that elevates the look of this casual cardigan.


What are your favorites from the Athleisure collection? See the entire collection in knit.wear Spring/Summer 2017.


Athleisure Can Be Yours