What We Knit in 2014: A Look Back

The end of the year is fast approaching, and I'm so looking forward to some downtime with family and friends and maybe a Netflix series and my never-ending gansey on size 3s. I'm finally ready to pick up the sleeve stitches, so maybe it'll be done by the new year! This pattern is an adaptation of one from the book Fishermen's Sweaters by Alice Starmore, an older out-of-print book that I just love. I've been researching gansey knitting, alongside my mom, my aunt, and a close friend, for nearly all of 2014. All four of us have been working on our own traditional gansey sweaters; it's been fun to research yarns, swatch together, and watch each other's progress. In our explorations of the iconic fisherman sweater, we met a woman in New England who works on National Geographic ships and wears her handknitted ganseys for their intended purpose…hard-wearing, utilitarian garments for the open water. You'll be able to read all about this seafarer and her sweaters in the spring 2015 issue of Interweave Knits, out in January! Stay tuned. (That's my mom Nancy holding up our ganseys. She teaches at Yarn Fest in April….I highly recommend her teaching!)

knitted gansey

Besides my red gansey, I took on another epic project in 2014…the O'Kelly's Chapel Shawl from the spring 2014 issue of Knits. This gorgeous lace shawl is quite large and requires ornate patterning on right and wrong-side rows. I love that kind of knitting—the kind that consumes all my attention and challenges me. My shawl came out even larger than the magazine sample, which is typical—I am a LOOSE knitter who never makes gauge. And I blocked my shawl very aggressively—see how I blocked it on my queen bed!

Some of the other editors have been busy knitters this year, as well. Check out these FOs from the staff. Cheers! Lisa. 

Amy Palmer's Lea Pullover
Knitscene Summer

Hannah Baker's Zigzag Mesh Pullover
knit.wear Spring 
Laura Hulslander's Paros Hat
Knitscene Winter 
Hannah's Pintuck Cardigan
knit.purl Fall 

Laura's Meko Pullover
Knitscene Winter 
Hannah's Trapper Cowl
Knits Winter 

Hannah's Tara Jacket
Knitscene Winter 2013

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