What Type of Knitter Are You?

As humans and crafters, we all have our personal preferences in projects, yarn stash method, and process. Do you tend to progress on a project slowly, with measured intent? Or do you tackle that garment with the zeal and speed of a Shetland knitter? Are UFOs a prolific sight in your house, or would you rather die than never finish a project?

After considering the broad spectrum of personalities out there living the handmade life, we thought we’d try to distill the strongest of these into a quiz. Where does your yarn-loving personality rate?

Take the quiz and find out!

1. When you buy wine at the store, you select:

2. When you go to a wedding reception, do you...

3. Where do you stash your yarn?

4. Which of these would you choose as your password?

5. Choose Your Favorite Pizza

6. If you could choose a TV Series to binge, which theme would you choose?

7. When you're knitting you are also

8. You are going to a fiber festival. What will you wear?

9. Does your yarn speak to you? If so, who does it sound like?

10. My ideal vacation involves...

The handmade life is a sweet ride…

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  1. at 7:28 am August 17, 2018

    Wow, spot on! The purist really defines me as a knitter. I would have never known, but I am a purist.

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