What Knitting Mood Are You In?

Mood BoardSometimes, no matter how much we love to knit, it can be just plain tough to get inspired to actually commit to cast on. There are so many beautiful patterns out there (ahem–particularly in Interweave publications, right? Of course, right!), and oodles of skeins, balls, and hanks of gorgeous yarns. When faced with such an amazing bounty of knitting wonders, the Perfect Project that fits our mood NOW can sometimes elude us.

What to do? Well…how do you find out what kind of knitting mood you are in? How do you know what inspires you to knit, and how can you find a way to tap into those inspirations when it seems like you have tons of yarn but nothing to knit?

Michele Rose Orne came up with a way to inspire herself and her knitting, a tool she calls Mood Boards. This week, we'll be exploring the concept of Mood Boards in order to help spark our knitting imaginations and get the fall knitting season off to a great start!

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a collage of items that tells a story–that sets a mood, in essence. OK, that doesn't explain it very well. So: Let's hear Michele tell us in her own words what a mood board is. That link will take you to an excerpt from Michele's new book, Inspired to Knit, a book full of knitting patterns and ideas based around Michele's own mood boards.

And now I have a question for you: What kind of knitting mood are you in? Read the excerpt from Michele's book, and maybe you'll want to create a mood board of your own to find out. Meanwhile, leave a comment and let us know what your knitting mood is.

Working on your own mood board?
Join us online in our Mood Board Project and KnitAlong! And check back later this week, when Michele will show us the original mood boards that she used as submissions for her book! I got to see the boards in person, and they are truly stunning. Don't miss this chance to see "behind the scenes" of how an author presents an idea for a new knitting book.

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