What’s Your Fiber Spirit Animal? – Take the Quiz

After falling in love with many fibery friends in Lisa’s List: Fiber Animals Ranked by Hotness, we decided to take our fiber fascination to the next level.

From Lisa’s full list, we narrowed the animals down to 12, pulled out their best characteristics, and put it all together in this quick quiz to figure out which one of them is most like you.

From shy to curious, fun loving to intelligent, we want to know which is your perfect match? Take the quiz and find out what your fiber spirit animal is, then comment and share with your friends to show off your results!

Which of these places would you most like to visit on your next vacation?

Do you like to wear perfume/cologne?

What would be your ideal Friday night?

How would you rank your book smarts?

Which of these options would your friends say best describes you?

Do you get cold easily?

It's karaoke night, do you like to sing or watch?

Which of these would you want to have as a pet?

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  1. Leena B at 8:46 am May 29, 2018

    Curious to see…

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