What are you knitting for…Halloween?

I've knitted miles and miles (well, actually, just a yard and a half) of bright orange I-cord. Can you guess who I'm going as for Halloween? Hint: I still need to cut it in half and wrap some tape around the ends of the cord for aglets.

If you need a refresher on I-cord, check out Kathleen's post on I-cord from a few days ago. I'm an I-cord devotee – it's strangely satisfying to slide those stitches and pull a row of knitting into a smooth, tight round. It's one of those knitting tricks that comes pretty close to magic. I like to use a very short DPN (about four inches long – I've seen these sold as "glove needles") to minimize the distance the cord needs to slide.

It comes in pretty handy, too. I love I-cord finishes on garments and accessories (it makes a nice stand-in for piping), of course, but I use it around the house wherever I need a bit of sturdy hollow cord. I've got loops of it running through the the holes in my kitchen utensils so they can hang on big hooks; I used some to hid a length of speaker cord in an awkward place; narrow I-cords have gradually ended up replacing most drawstrings in my clothes and bags over time.

And they come in really handy for when you need a set of bright orange shoelaces on short notice. I knitted this while watching the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers to get in the spirit – are you knitting part of your Halloween costume, too? Tell us about it!

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