What Are You Doing this Weekend? (Plus 8 Free Patterns!)

Have any plans for the weekend? Might I recommend making your own dress forms and dyeing some sock yarn? And bar-b-queing flank steak and Portobello mushrooms while you're at it? 

'Cause that's what I did last weekend and it was an absolute blast.

Designer Wendy Bernard came up with the idea of duct-tape dress forms, so my knitting group decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly easy, and not-surprisingly, super fun! Basically, you wrap a friend as tightly as you can in duct tape, cut it up the back, retape it, and stuff it with polyfill.

Check out Audrey and Soucia at left—we decided they looked like super heroes so we taped their initials onto their forms.

Our other activity was dyeing sock yarn. We bought a bunch of sock blanks and dyes and put the dyes in squirt bottles. It was amazing how all of the pieces turned out so differently and beautifully. Please note that we're doing this activity outside. One thing is certain: dyeing is messy, and spills don't come out. Just ask my flip flops!

We had such a wonderful time at our mini-retreat, I highly recommend that you plan your own weekend-knitting adventure soon.

Speaking of Weekends. . .

Our new special issue, Interweave Knits Weekend, is in stores so we thought it would be nice to roll out the instructions for our amazing staff projects from that issue. Just click on the photos to get the patterns.

By Anna-Liza Armfield
Customer Service Representative
Yarn: Farmhouse Silk
By Marilyn Murphy
Editorial Director
Yarn: Naturally Tussock
Aran 10 Ply
By Rebecca Daniels
Editorial Assistant
Yarn: Plymouth Tweed
  By Lisa Shroyer
  Senior Editor
  Yarn: Lion Brand
  LB Collection Organic

By Eunny Jang
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool

By Annie Bakken
Marketing Manager
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash

By Sharon Riggs
Assistant Editor
Yarn: Universal Deluxe Chunky, Classic Chunky, Classic Worsted, Jewel  

   Marcy Smith
   Editor, Interweave

   Yarn: Brown Sheep 
   Cotton Fleece

Have fun this weekend!



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