Welcome, Winter!

Zooey Pullover by Maria Leigh

A note from Kathleen: It's supposed to snow tonight in Spokane. Although I know snow is full of inconveniences to everyday living, I can't wait to sit on the couch with my knitting and watch the sparkly stuff come down. We think of fall as the beginning of knitting season, and that's true, but winter is the best time for knitters, I think. When the temps drop, we stay warm with piles of wool in our lap and sliding through our fingers. My winter activity is taking the form of cardigan knitting, but I'm sure I'll cast on a couple of other things as the season progresses.

Ribbed Shirtwaist by Amy Miller
Gnomish Hat by Carol Sulcoski     
Snowflower Socks by Manuela Burkhardt

With winter comes a new issue of Interweave Knits, and as always, it's full of wonderful sweaters and accessories that are perfect for this time of year. Here's Editor Eunny Jang to tell you all about it:

Sometimes, working in magazine publishing is an exercise in invention and fancy. Because we begin planning a given issue about nine months before it actually reaches the newsstands, the bulk of the work—developing projects and articles, yarn planning, photo shoots—all happens in the year squarely opposite the issue's newsstand season.

We shiver in February as we shoot tank tops for Summer issues, and I usually slog on through the dog days of August and September as we take the Winter issue to press. It's a delicate art, trying to remember what the upcoming issue's target season feels like, and to sense what all of us might want to knit then.

This year, though, the first weeks of fall brought a deep, hard freeze and a decided turn in the weather to Colorado—we've seen our first snowflakes and begun digging through our closets for tall boots. We're scrambling to finish cowls and hats and warm woolly sweaters, for ourselves and for helpless, nonknitting loved ones.

We, who usually deal with imagined future knitting, are suddenly remembering how visceral and rooted the real thing really is: Get cold, make warmth. Fancy stitchwork, elaborate patterning, innovative techniques—they're all rooted in the need to solve a simple problem.

Getting back to basics, then, we've stuffed this issue with knits to warm your world all winter long: from simple pieces with tailored details ("Color, Line, Stitch"); to cheeky, fresh takes on colorwork ("Of Another Color"); to dense, delicious cables ("Hold at Back"); to wintry takes on lace ("Rough Hewn"), this big magazine is full of ideas and projects to keep you cozy.

As this Winter issue went to press, it actually felt like winter outside, so we hustled to make warmth, too, in the forms of gloves for chilly fingers, alpaca layers, and thick muffle-us-up scarves. Enough warmth to keep us snug until spring finally comes, which won't happen until long after Spring—the issue—is put to bed, of course.

Check out the preview of the Winter 2012 issue, and subscribe now so you won't miss any of the exciting things we have on the horizon!

Knit on,

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