Welcome to the New Knitting Daily TV Blog

Welcome to the new Knitting Daily TV blog! We hope you’re all having a wonderful summer. Are ya? Good! The Knitting Daily TV co-hosts are too… just relaxing by the pool doing their fiber crafts. . . in their handspun, knitted and crocheted bikinis. Right!

We are excited about our website makeover—it’s spiffy and much easier to navigate and one of the best features is that you can now see photos of the free patterns from the show before you download them! It’s the little things that make us happy… you asked for it, and we made it happen. (Kinda like changing those camera angles in the new Series 200 and 300 DVDs. . . it was just that easy!)

Some of our videos clips from Series 100 and 200 now have a new home over on the KnittingDaily.com videos section too, so you can watch great videos like Eunny’s twisted rib stitch tutorial, Liz’s lesson on dyeing sock yarns, Shay’s interview with Girl Scouts who are teaching the needle arts at summer camps, or Kim’s tips for taking your own measurements (remember Sandi’s blog posts about this last year—they now come to life on TV). Go ahead, watch them right after we’re done here.

The co-hosts are geared up for the Series 300 launch at the end of July. It’s going to be a big one and we’re excited about some of the changes we’ve brought to the show with the new season: longer how-to lessons that cover more of the fiber crafts techniques you want to see, designer interviews with some of the industry’s hottest designers and authors, like Jil Eaton, Abby Franquemont, Shirley Paden, Kristen Rengren, Kathy Merrick, Kathy Zimmerman, and Kathy Elkins (it was an invasion of the Kathy’s at the tapings).

More Back-to-Basics Tutorials

You'll also find in Series 300 a new opening segment for each show with Eunny teaching core “Getting Started” techniques. These lessons by Eunny will be great for beginners, but even you experienced yarn crafters will learn something new each week. You won’t want to miss her instructions on different methods for increases and decreases, how to cast-on for reversible ribbing, cast-on and bind-off methods that are used in different parts of the world, and much more! In fact, there are 10 more other tutorials with Eunny in Season 3 alone—but we have to leave you some surprises!

What more can you expect from the new "Tuned In to KDTV" Knitting Daily TV blog? You’ll get more previews of Season 3’s free patterns and video clips, more behind-the-scenes, and you’ll hear more from our special guests and sponsors. This show wouldn’t be possible without the generous underwriters—say thank you!

We hope you’ll tune in to Knitting Daily TV each week on your local PBS station. The show is now airing on more than 340 PBS stations in cities big to small, from New York City to Little Rock, Arkansas. And we heard the exciting news last week that the show is now on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Saturdays at 12:30 pm Pacific and on New Hampshire Public Television (which reaches much of Boston) on Mondays at 11:30 am Eastern. Hurrah, hurrah!

Not sure if Knitting Daily TV is on the tube in your market? Visit this webpage and enter your zip code, or click on “Get Listings/View All Schedules” to see all the places where the show airs. Please note that each individual public television station chooses when and if to air the program in their local markets. If it is not airing in your area, please call, write, or email your local station and let it know that you are a viewer of the station and would like to see Knitting Daily TV. You can make a difference and help bring Knitting Daily TV to your local PBS station.

Coming up next on the "Tuned In to Knitting Daily TV" blog: How to host a Knitting Daily TV viewing party! 

Have a great week!

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