Welcome to Inside Knits!

We like to talk at Interweave Knits about how we're all knitters, too. I don't mean that we all know how to knit, or even that we're necessarily all very accomplished technicians or designers (there's always more all of us could learn!). I mean that we're knitters: We talk excitedly about constructions and techniques that push what we thought yarn and needles could do; we swatch new-to-us yarns just to see how they drape and handle; we argue passionately about the merits of centered versus leaning double decreases.

We think of our knitting as a way to produce beautiful clothes, of course, but we also see it as an art and a craft with a fascinating history, with deep anthropological and ethnographic meaning, even a little romantic myth attached. Russian, Scottish, and Estonian lace! Andean, Scottish, and Scandinavian colorwork! Danish twined knitting! Cable patterns that followed fishing routes! We love it all.

And we're bringing even more of that to you: We're launching Inside Knits today, and we plan to bring you inside information on the magazine, extended content for your favorite projects and articles, exclusive how-to information, and more. We're knitters, too-and we're looking forward to talking directly with you, our readers and fellow knitters.

First up, check out the preview for the fall issue of Interweave Knits on Knitting Daily and stay tuned for much more from the editors of Interweave Knits!

Happy Knitting!


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