Weekend is here!


Interweave Knits Weekend is just now hitting the newsstands. It is a big issue and it was a big 3 day photo shoot. Come along for a behind the scenes look at the Interweave Knits Weekend 2011 photoshoot.
Day 1

The crew prepare to shoot  “Diana’s Cardigan”


From left to right: photographer Carmel, makeup artist Kathy, stylist Pam and beautiful model Katie.

Still Day 1

Setting up a series of shots that will eventually land on the cover.



Here’s my biggest challenge, no one is ever facing me when I take my pictures.




Day 2

I forget I have a camera until late in the day.

This is Carmel and Eunny creating what will become the June and July story.


And this is what they see:


Day 3

My favorite day of the photo shoot.

We’re at Sunflower Farm in Longmont, Colorado.



I can’t resist playing around with Lester, the little fox toy that stole my heart.

Who left the fox in charge of the chicken coop?

Is it apparent that our Day 3 models are a family in “real life”? I thought their affection for each other came through in the pictures and added an authentic and magical quality to the October and November stories. Many thanks to our hard-working models and crew and my best bud, Lester the fox. We love this issue and we hope you do too. I’ll sign off with one last picture, my favorite. Why? Well yes, great family, beautiful hand knits, but truthfully, by golly, I love the Angora goat! Mohair anyone . . .?



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