Weaving: The Perfect Stash-Buster

Why should knitters care one bit about weaving? Knitters are “loopy” people not “over-under” people. You knitters use two sticks to make cloth; we weavers use this thing called a loom that has all kinds of moving parts. Knitting yarns come in playful balls; weaving yarns come on intimidating cones.

There is a reason that knitters might want to take notice of weaving–it’s faster than knitting. I know, I know, you say, “but what about all those threads that have to go in all those different places?” It is true that dressing that loom does take some time. (Doesn’t “dressing” provide a wonderful mental picture–I think I’ll put on the cobalt top with the chocolate brown skirt. Another term you have probably heard is “warping the loom,” yet it doesn’t bring up the same cozy mental image. Anyway, I digress.)

The first few times you play dress-up-the-loom are just like learning to cast on or to purl for the first time: you feel like you’re all thumbs. After the loom is dressed, though, the cloth grows row by row, not stitch by stitch! Plus, the big movements of weaving provide your body a break from the small movements of knitting.

Best of all for you knitters, though, is that you can also think of weaving as stash reduction. We all need some help with that, right? We owe it to our families to keep the yarn to just the spare room. (And weaving is absolutely not cheating on your stash!) Weaving provides a home for all of those lovely single balls of yarn you just had to have.

If all of this isn’t enough to get you motivated to learn more about weaving, knitting and weaving can be used together to produce fabulous pieces. Here are two clips from season 1 of Knitting Daily TV. In the first one, I show how to weave on a rigid-heddle loom–one of the simplest, most knitter-friendly looms on the market.

In the second segment, I demonstrate how to weave on a table loom, which offers all the advantages of a floor loom (and sometimes even more when it comes to treadling options) but takes up less space. Both looms are beginner-friendly options for new weavers.

Happy Weaving!
Liz Gipson

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