The Warmth of Community and Interweave Knits Holiday

In 2014, my best friend reminded me about the warmth of community and how powerful it is to share that warmth with others.

That December, I was wrestling with the age-old question, “What should I be doing with my life?” and it was hitting me rather hard. In an act that was 90% generous and 10% frustration (“she was done dealing with me moping around”) my best friend Courtney took me to see “Christmas on Manhattan.”

On Manhattan Avenue, a small side street in Waldwick, New Jersey, exists a Christmas miracle. The family at 137 Manhattan Avenue turns their property into a winter wonderland, complete with a holiday light show, that’s free for everyone. When you arrive, you tune your radio to 104.9 “Reindeer Radio” and listen to your favorite holiday songs synced with their dazzling light show. Santa himself even makes an appearance as December 25th approaches!

Courtney’s gift of charity reminded me how I can take life too seriously. I didn’t hear her at the time, but Courtney was doubled over with laughter because I was standing there with my jaw to the floor. She told me, “You looked like a kid seeing Santa for the first time.” I reconnected with a part of myself that night and fully enjoyed the season from then on. It’s now a tradition to take our friends and family to see “Christmas on Manhattan” every year and spread the feelings of warmth and community each holiday season.

interweave knits holiday

Charity and giving take many forms, from the physical act of giving, to reminding people in many ways that they are cared for. Interweave Knits Holiday 2017 is packed with ways to spread the warmth this season. Get some holiday gifts off your needles quickly with the Winter Sky Mittens by Donna Kay, which use stripes and stranded colorwork to create a warm, extra-thick fabric to keep hands toasty.

Allison O’Mahony created the Powder Hat, a bulky knit hat that will excite even the most picky teenager. When you’re ready to relax after a long day of holiday festivities, grab your eggnog, pull up a chair by the fire, and knit the New Growth Shawl by Erin Mae Searl: cozy garter stitch leads to a honeycomb cable motif border, giving this shawl the perfect combination of mindless knitting and a little challenge.

In the Gift Guide, you’ll find a great selection of products from some of our favorite companies. These items are the perfect gift for any knitter, and don’t forget about yourself—self-charity is definitely a thing!

If you need more holiday inspiration, read up on our feature on “Mittens for Detroit” by Nicole Haschke. Follow the path of a mitten as it begins its life with a caring knitter and ends warming the hands of a child at the Children’s Center of Detroit.1 If you find yourself looking for a charity for your own knitting, local yarn stores often collect items for charity donations. Find one that resonates with you and get those needles clicking!

Kick off your holiday season with Knits Holiday 2017. Feel inspired by the products and projects in this issue to spread warmth and community this season.

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1. We made an error on p. 17 in the yarn store’s name: it’s the Yarn Stop of Clawson, Michigan. We apologize for this mistake.

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