Warming Up Winter

Cabled Cap, Cowl, Wrist Warmers,
and Knee Socks

Some might not think of winter as inspiring, but not knitwear designer Ingalill Johansson. She used winter imagery as her inspiration for the designs in her book Shades of Winter, which is stunning.

Ingalill designed her winter wear in three colors, natural white, gray, and beige. With my favorite colors being dull, drab, and dreary (this is a joke among my friends, but it's a little bit true), I naturally gravitate to these colors. Ingalill achieved this wintry palette by using yarns in natural, sheep-produced colors. Here's Ingalill to tell you a little more about her collection.

Short-Sleeve Vest

Knitting for Winter

Snow and ice were my first sources of inspiration for this knitting book. In my mind I created pictures of woodland spirits and ice princesses in the winter landscape and icy environment. The garments everyone wore, knitted with wool's warmth and softness, would contrast against the Scandinavian winter's snow crystals and cold.

The range of designs includes simple garments for beginners as well as some that are a bit more difficult for more experienced knitters.

Some of the images in the book were photographed in one of Sweden's most exotic tourist experiences, the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. It offers and enchanted environment in which ice columns and ice crystal crowns in the pillared hall shift from the iciest light blue to the darkest petroleum blue.

This book has been a dream come true for me. I hope that it will inspire you and give you many relaxing moments with knitting in your lap.

—Ingalill Johansson

Garter-Stitch Shawl; Cabled Vest; Ribbed Cap, Wrist Warmers, and Wrap/Skirt


I'm so intrigued by the Icehotel. I would definitely need some beautiful, winter-white knitwear to brave the chill of that place!

From sweaters to dresses, hats to mitts, Shades of Winter evokes wool's warmth and softness in many different patterns and textures.

Ingalill's design elements range from simple garter stitch to more elaborate cables, bobbles, texture, and lace patterns. In this book, there's something for every level of knitter.

If you're looking out at icy streets and snow that needs shoveling, download or order your copy of Shades of Winter and find the joy in this beautiful season!


P.S. Leave a comment below and tell us where you stand on winter. I love our snowy winters in Spokane, but I also appreciate a December visit to the in-laws' place in sunny Scottsdale, AZ!


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