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We’ve narrowed it down to two choices for our fall knit-along: the Vera Belted Sweater and the Rosa Aran Pullover, from Perfectly Feminine Knits. I love, love, love these patterns! They’re both beautiful and they look really fun to knit.

Your first choice is the Rosa Aran-Pattern Sweater. Its lovely long cable patterns embellish a classic raglan worked in a wool tweed yarn. The pattern includes a longer, looser version and a shorter, more fitted version. The yellow version is the shorter, more fitted sweater, but honestly, that model is so slim that, to me, it looks pretty much the same as the gray version! The measurements are more telling: the short version ranges from 2.5 to 3 inches smaller than the larger sweater in the bust, and 3 inches shorter than the long version. I love that there are two choices for this sweater!

Vera Aran Sweater

Rosa Aran Sweater

Of course I love the cables in this one, but I also think the neckline is neat. It’s nice and loose, which I really appreciate, because close-fitting necklines bug me and I’m always tugging at them, so eventually, they loose their shape.

The second choice is the Vera Belted Sweater. What’s unique about this cardigan is the clever shaping. The allover stitch pattern is broken rib, and the shaping is accomplished with well-placed increases and decreases.

Vera Cardigan

Vera Cardigan

The sophisticated neckline looks like it’s made up of complex shaping, but it’s really just widened and angled with some simple increases placed several stitches in from the edge.

Which one of these beautiful sweaters do you want to knit? Leave a comment and cast your vote!

Leave a comment below and cast your vote!

You can also vote on our Facebook page. Our knit-along will begin in late September when it starts cooling down here in North America, so you have all summer to decide on colors and gather your supplies.

In the meantime, get your copy of Perfectly Feminine Knits and cast on the Nora Mittens, a small and perfectly portable project for summer knitting.


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