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You all left a very interesting set of comments on Wednesday's post announcing the Spring 2008 Knits Preview; I really appreciate all great (and varied!) feedback. For example: Pat K said: "I have a hard time imagining many of these patterns on anyone who doesn't share the, slim, girlish shapes of the models." Compare this to Rhonda's reaction: "I'm in my mid-30s and by no means tiny (I wear so-called plus-sized clothing) and this is the first time that I would say that I love most of the patterns and can hardly decide which one(s) to make!" Fascinating. So I guess the question on everyone's mind is: What do the Spring garments look like on women who are not professional models? You know what that means: It's time for another Knitting Daily Gallery!

For those of you new to Knitting Daily: Each time a new issue of Interweave Knits comes out, we choose a few of the garments from that issue and have several different women around the office try them on, so you can see how the sweaters look on people of varying shapes and sizes. We love doing these galleries, and from your comments and emails, we know that folks find them immensely helpful in terms of choosing what to knit—and how to knit it—for themselves.

Take a look at some of the previous galleries!

Usually, I decide which garments to feature, but given the passionate discussions going on about this issue, I thought it would be much better to have you folks choose which ones you'd like to see:

Which of the Spring 2008 garments would you like to have us feature in a Knitting Daily Gallery?

Take a minute to click on that link, and go vote for your top five choices! We'll collate the results by Feb. 8th, and the overall top five will be in our next Gallery.

As we have done before, we will also provide some customization and sizing tips for each of the featured garments. This time, we will be using the new sizing and ease information provided in Interweave Knits as a guide. We'll go through the sizing and ease information for each garment and give examples of what that means "in real life," with help from our wonderful in-house Gallery Gals.

Finally, I would like to quote Grace S, who said it so gracefully(!): "Not everyone can be pleased at all times and I see that you are working on changes (which can take time) so I say thank you."

Yes, change (like knitting) takes time. We are listening. We're lucky to have such passionate, involved readers, and we appreciate all the feedback that so heartfelt. Thank you for all your support for us here at Interweave, and for wanting the craft of knitting to be as vibrant and real as you yourselves are. —Sandi

Sophicated Rustic Jacket

About the Yarn Sub for the Sophicated Rustic Jacket

Several of you have asked why I did not recommend a specific yarn substitute for the discontinued Classic Elite Zelda used in the Sophicated Rustic Jacket. Here's why:

Zelda is a rather unique yarn: a wool/linen blend, thick-and-thin singles (unplied) yarn. "Thick-and-thin" means that in some parts, the yarn is a bulky weight, whereas in others it is closer to a worsted weight–this is why it is hard to give a specific yarn weight recommendation.

I contacted the yarn manufacturer to ask them for a recommendation, but alas, that particular company no longer makes anything like it, and they were unaware of any similar yarns now on the market. I, too, have had little success finding that unique combination of fiber blend, thick-and-thin, drape, and weight. It was a very unusual yarn.

Classic Elite Zelda: singles, 10 wpi

Yarns are designed by people, not by machines; thus, yarns are often as unique as the yarn designers who create them. It’s sad when a truly special yarn is no longer available, but it also gives all of us a chance to explore/learn/create, using the original yarn and pattern as inspiration.

Another idea: Look for a handspun yarn, as making a thick-and-thin singles yarn is a specialty of many handspinners. There are many handspun vendors on sites such as

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