Vintage Velvet: I want this cabled scarf pattern!

cabled scarf pattern

My beautiful (if I do say so myself) Vintage Velvet scarf by Lisa Daniels, from Scarf Style

Several years ago, I knit Lisa Daniel’s Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style, and gave it to my mom for Christmas.

Have you ever given away a knitted gift and then pined for it every time you saw the recipient wearing it? Well, just between you and me, I want that scarf back!

That’s not very charitable, though, so I guess I need to knit Vintage Velvet for myself.

What I love about this cabled scarf pattern is the yarn, Muench Touch Me. It’s a chenille yarn that’s soft as silk. When the knitting portion of the scarf is finished and ends woven in, you nonchalantly toss it in the washing machine and wash in hot water, and then, wait for it . . . pop it in the dryer!

What comes out is shimmery, velvety soft, beautifully felted, but not at all stiff. Magic, I tell you. Lisa is so clever!

As you’re knitting this pattern, you won’t believe that you’ll end up with the velvety soft end product that’s promised. Chenille yarn has a tendency to “worm,” which means that it twists up and kinks easily, sometimes leaving loops where you don’t want them. But, again, magically, it all comes out perfectly in the wash.

I’ve been asked if the pattern works with other chenille yarn, and I honestly don’t know. The pattern is pretty in other yarns—just take a look at the 740 projects on Ravelry—but I don’t know how other chenille yarns felt. If you’ve tried felting with another chenille yarn, let me know if it works!

Ravelry member Tanya let me use her before and after felting photos, so you can see what a difference the felting process makes in this project.

cabled scarf pattern

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? The before version is lumpy and bumpy, and something a knitter might not take pride in giving as a gift. But the after version is fabulous!

When I knit this project for myself, I think I’ll do it in a lighter color. I remember having a bit of a problem reading my knitting as I was making this scarf. The sheen of the yarn and the dark color worked against me! The lighter, shimmery parts of the scarf happened in the felting, so it was mainly dark during the knitting process.

cabled scarf pattern

Becky’s fabulous pink version of Vintage Velvet

Vintage Velvet sure is pretty in pink—just take a look at Becky’s (another Ravelry user) finished scarf! How beautiful it must look against a black or gray coat.

There are some beautiful colors to choose from in the Touch Me collection, including a tonal version called Touch Me Due, which is what I used. My color is #5402, a dark khaki mix.

I really think this is in my top five projects I’ve knitted, and I’m excited to knit it again. It also might be one of the few projects I knit twice!

Good news for you—if you don’t have Scarf Style, the eBook is on sale today and tomorrow for 40 percent off! Vintage Velvet is just one of 31 innovative scarf patterns in this book. And it also includes a comprehensive scarf design notebook, which gives you the tools to design your own scarf. Scarf Style is definitely a classic pattern book.

Download your copy now, and get vintage with me!



P.S. Have you knit something from Scarf Style? Leave a comment below and share your experience with me!

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