Vickie Howell’s Yarncraft: A Gift for You!

You’ve made your list and are checking it twice. You hope that each handcrafted stitch will make this holiday season more memorable. The care with which you tackled your hand-knit gifts sometimes seems effortless; after all, you are creating these special items with love.

In all of the hustle and (sometimes) stressful bustle of the holiday season, the question remains: what are you making for yourself?

Vickie Howell has your crafty back. In partnership with Interweave, she has created Yarncraft. This collection of patterns knit up quickly and results in finished items that are wearable, elegant, and unique. These are the handmade treasures you should be gifting to yourself. Sit back, cast on, and thank Vickie as you knit to the finish line in no time at all.

Start the year off wearing lovely accessories that reflect both your skills and your taste in gorgeous patterns. You will find yourself including these items in your wardrobe again and again. And when you are asked, “Where did you get that beautiful scarf?” be ready to offer a satisfying, knit-centric answer that will bestow bragging rights and inspire envy.

Knitters are generous people, by nature. But if we are always thinking of pleasing others, we miss the opportunity to give to ourselves. Choosing what brings joy to your life puts a whole new spin on a project, doesn’t it? You don’t have to concern yourself with whether or not someone will appreciate the time you dedicated to the endeavor. You never have to wonder if the item will be worn. It’s for you, and you have earned it.

You’re not giving this project away. Not this time. Consider it a gift from Vickie, just for you.

Knitting Oversized Eyelets

Vickie is ready to help you along with a how-to on knitting oversized eyelets, specific to the Angeles Scarf. Check out this demo and get going on that special just-for-you gift!

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