Vicki Square: A Passionate Knitter’s Companion

Note from Sandi: Vicki Square is an old friend and mentor to so many of us knitters through her Interweave classic The Knitter's Companion and her delightful duo, Folk Bags and Folk Hats (all available at your local yarn shop or from our online store). With her book Knit Kimono, she has once again brought a world beat to knit by, in the form of 18 patterns based on the traditional Japanese kimono. I asked Vicki to share some thoughts with you about Knit heeeeeeerrre's Vicki!

Hello to all you Fabulous Knitters who are regulars of Sandi’s Knitting Daily post! I am delighted to be invited to share a few thoughts about my knitting with you.  I love to knit, love it like breathing, so of course I have a few ideas . . .

There are three things significant to me as an artist and knitter, and I pursue them passionately:

I want to add to the culture of knitting by offering a creative environment.
My goal is to inspire a knitter to a greater vision today than yesterday. If on today’s creativity index you as a knitter are a 3, then tomorrow expand your horizon to a 3.1, or 3.9, or 4.3. Look at color in a new way. Perhaps an unexpected pairing of a favorite color with one you may not like will result in an exciting new look. We value creativity, and I want to help cultivate that.

I want to teach knitters to become competent in their skills. Whether a beginner or an advanced knitter, we all want to improve in every area we can. I focus on innovative garment design and good solid construction, with attention to details. I strive to write for clarity and include instruction for success in each book I write. I encourage each knitter to meet the challenge of learning something new with every project. Or, every few projects at least!


I want to impact the knitting community and draw people together. Knitting is an art form, and sharing it is a joy. Getting new groups started and watching them take off into a brand new knitting world is unbelievably rewarding. Sharing my perspective, and hearing what others are doing is a tremendous inspiration.


Knit Kimono combines these three values for me: Creativity, competence, and community. With each kimono design I push the creativity envelope, whether in color, texture, shape, or detail. With each kimono design I encourage excellence in skills, and I write instructions detailed enough for realized improvement. Perhaps a group of friends will be inspired to meet together regularly and knit kimono together. There is a two-page spread in the book on designing your own kimono. You can definitely do it!

— Vicki Square


Learn how to knit your own stunning kimono!

Vicki Square's Knit Kimono has 18 gorgeous knitted kimono patterns, each with a lovely modern twist on ancient Japanese tradition. The shapes are simple variations on the rectangle–but the results are stunning, flowing garments. Included is a wonderful section on designing your own kimono, as well as historical and cultural tidbits throughout. Learn more about this wonderful book.

Look for this and other Interweave books at your local yarn shop or in our online store.


Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? Remember that "interesting adjustment issue" with the Camisa? It turns out I have to Rip. OhNOOooo! Just a little ripping, nothing too major, but I have to undo the shoulder seams…so. Again. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, I am consoling myself with a pair of Nancy Bush socks: Denmark from Knitting on the Road. (Comfort knitting!)

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