Finishing the Vera Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Vera knit cardigan pattern

Vera Cardigan from Perfectly Feminine Knits by Lene Holme Samsøe

I’m THISCLOSE to finishing my Vera Cardigan!

My excitement is huge because I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Knitting Daily knit-along on time, by February 1. Since I’m the one who sets the schedules, so it’s been embarrassing for me to consistently miss my own deadlines.

This sweater is for my mom, and so far, I think it’s going to fit her perfectly. Another victory!

We are the family of short arms (except for my brother), so I really wanted the sleeves to be the right length so she won’t have to roll them up. She rolls up the sleeves on everything; my sister and I tease her that she rolls up the sleeves of tank tops.

I tried a sleeve on her yesterday, and it’s the perfect length. A sweater-knitting miracle! I have the other sleeve to knit, and then the belt, so I’m fairly certain I can finish this on time, even with holiday knitting to fit in.

This is a pretty easy cardigan knitting pattern, but there are several details that really make it stand out, and you have to pay attention when knitting them. The body of the sweater is knit in mistake rib, so increases and decreases have to be done in pairs, or in the case of the decreases in this pattern, double decreases.

knitting increases and decreases

Neck shaping detail, left; waist shaping detail, right (Sorry about the photos—I couldn’t get the color right. It’s sort of a taupey sage.)

As you can see in the photos above, the decreases used are double decreases, SK2P to be exact. This stands for slip 1, knit two together, pass the slip stitch over the K2tog.

The increases and decreases are cleverly used to shape this sweater, especially on the neckline. A series of increases are worked after the front waist shaping is finished, and then decreases are done every other row to shape the neckline. As you can see from the left photo above, the increases are done after the waist shaping, and then decrease rows are worked every other row to shape the neck. It’s a really graceful way to achieve the look the designer wanted. I love it.

I knit the body of this sweater as written, but I did modify the sleeves quite a bit. The pattern calls for reverse stockinette sleeves with no cuff, which I didn’t like the look of. So I knit cuffs in mistake rib on 7s, and after three inches, I switched to stockinette on size 9s. As mentioned above, perfecto.

I don’t have a photo of the sleeve with me right now, but I’ll post one soon so you can see it.

I’m so excited to get the second sleeve done and put this sweater together. I’ll post photos on the blog when it’s all done; I feel confident saying that I’ll have it finished before February 1. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Malika cable knit sweater

Malika Sweater

Because I’m enjoying the Vera Cardigan so much, I thought I’d flip through Perfectly Feminine Knits again to see what else I want to knit. It’s got to be Malika.

I love the cables, of course, and the short sleeves. The front has ribbed button bands with metal buttons. I would need to upsize this, so for now I’m going to put it in my queue. But I sure I hope I get to it soon!

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Get Perfectly Feminine Knits (as a book or an eBook), and get it quick while it’s on super sale! Lena’s patterns are really well-written and her designs are gorgeous.


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