Editors’ Picks: Embracing Our Feminine Sides

Valentine’s Day sometimes seems like the girliest holiday ever, and that’s not really our style–until we think back to childhood. Then we remember something we love about traditional V-day stuff.

Sarah Rothberg, assistant editor of Interweave Knits:

As a kid playing make-believe, I avoided villains and damsels in distress. The smaller version of Sarah had to take the role of queen. I had a raggedy white blanket to wrap around my shoulders, then I would flick my hair and walk around, shoulders back and chin up. And to this day, wearing a shawl or capelet makes me feel elegant and powerful. Our premier issue of knit.wear had just such a capelet on its cover. I want to remind you of this gorgeous bold capelet in time for Valentine’s Day—a day when all women should feel powerful and beautiful.

Hannah Baker, editor of knitscene:
To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the color pink. (I think I went through a phase in high school when I first started shopping at the Gap, but that didn’t last long.) That said, I’ve been in love with the Phyllotaxis Hat ever since the sample arrived for Interweave Knits Summer 2015. It’s knit in pink Jade Sapphire yarn, and normally I’d switch out the color, but I think the colorway goes with the style of the hat very well–feminine but also relaxed and casual. I’m not positive I’d wear it myself, but I’d definitely knit it and give it to someone I love who loves to wear pink!


Deb Gerish, editor of Love of Knitting:

As a little girl, I adored lacy dresses. Then I grew up, cut my hair really short, and started knitting. Knitted lace shawls suited my style better than frills, but how many cream or white Shetland shawls do I really need? And I also love black or gray outfits with a pop of color, especially if I’m traveling. Solution: traditional lace in nontraditional colors. The Springtime Lace Shawl, our cover project from  Love of Knitting Spring 2016, lets me embrace the lace and welcome spring with a gorgeous shade of green. This hand-dyed yarn from Manos del Uruguay blends merino and silk, my favorite luxury combo.

Embrace Your Feminine Side

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