Using Zippers in Your Knitting



Custom-Length Zippers

Zippers come in many lengths, but rarely are they exactly the length needed.

—To shorten a closed zipper, sew a new bottom stop by hand. Simply use a needle and thread and wrap the thread around the zipper section several times where you want the new stop to be. Snip the excess off the zipper about a half-inch below the new stop, and you're ready to use the zipper. .

—To shorten a separating zipper, sew a new stop at each top.

—When cutting nylon or polyester zipper tape, consider sealing the cut edges with a match. For safety, work over a sink with the water running in case the
tape flares.

—Fold any excess zipper tape out of the way and sew along the garment edge.


A note from Kathleen: Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you're all snuggled in with your families looking forward to a delicious dinnerand presents if you're a Christmas Eve opener! We're Christmas morning openers at my house, but we always open one or two gifts on Christmas Eve just to get the juices rolling.

Our present to you this year is a brand new way to put zippers in your sweaters! Interweave Knits contributor TECHknitter has come up with a wonderful way to knit in zippers. You read it right—Knit. In. Zippers. She's amazing.

I put a zipper in my Central Park Hoodie; I sewed it in by hand. I'm pretty happy with it but I might take it out and redo it TECHknitter's way. It'll be more stable, I think. As it is now, the zipper is a little fragile.

So here's Knits editor Eunny Jang to walk you through the process!

A New Way to Put in Zippers

Zippers and handknitting are famously bad playmates: the zipper puckers; sewing it in is nerve-wracking; the teeth buckle once zipped. There must be a better way!

Indeed there is. In the Winter 2010 issue of Interweave Knits, the always-inventive TECHknitter introduced us to a clever new method for bridging the gap by turning the zipper into a knitable object. Check out the video how-to below:


Ideas for attaching your zipper once it's been "yarnified":

  • Bind off live loops and seam the tape to the front edges of your garment;
  • Work an attached I-cord using the zipper loops and garment edge loops as a base;
  • Use a three-needle bind-off with the zipper loops and garment edge loops;
  • Pick up new stitches, pulling each through both the garment edge and a single chained loop. Bind off right away or continue to work a band or other edging.
  • Chain loops on a zipper tape first and attach as you work the garment in the manner of a knitted-on edging.

For more information on this neat little technique, pick up a copy of Interweave Knits Winter 2010 and turn to "Beyond the Basics: The X, Y, and Z of Zippers." And keep an eye on TECHknitter's blog for more ideas and information.

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