Urban Knit Collection: A Knitting Book for True Makers

With all of our recent talk regarding Kyle Kunnecke’s knack for teaching, we don’t want you to overlook his first knitting book, Urban Knit Collection. Kyle uses his creativity and passion for the fiber arts to help others overcome depression and anxiety while building community through knitting. He has contributed to numerous knitting projects devoted to helping people with cancer and is an all-around good human who makes the world better by knitting.

Kyle’s Urban Knit Collection: 18 City-Inspired Knitting Patterns for the Modern Wardrobe, is inspired by the architecture of San Francisco, where he lives, and his family’s history of knitting and building. He emphasizes the idea that what we make should take time, and that time should be enjoyed. The journey of making beautiful things (and the time-intensive process of learning to make those beautiful things) is something that should be uniquely valued in our age of instant gratification.

Kyle’s kind and encouraging nature is a constant presence in this book. Feeling intimidated by the projects? Kyle will reassure you by explaining that each project only requires a specific set of skills (which he lists in the pattern section under “Knitting Knowledge”) and that none of those skills are actually that difficult—they just take time to learn. He also walks you through the preparation needed to ensure these projects will last you a lifetime; for example, he shows you how to test your yarn if you are worried the colors might bleed, and how to fix it if they do.

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The projects themselves may be time-intensive, but he explains how to save time on a swatch so you can get to your project as soon as possible with the greatest amount of accuracy. As a bonus, you get instructions on Kyle’s secret to locking floats in colorwork, which minimizes the chance that the floats will snag and ruin your project.

Next, the book launches into eighteen city-inspired knitting patterns that are perfect for modern men and women. The Arabella Cardigan, made from superfine alpaca, cashmere, and silk, will give you the chance to brush up on reading lace charts. Its repeating Art Deco motifs create a beautiful sweater to wear and cherish. It takes time to master the Savoy Cardigan’s intricate colorwork, but its beauty makes it well worth the effort. Use this sweater to master locking in your floats. For some practice with intarsia, make the Apollo Wrap, the perfect wrap for cruising the town in style.

If all of these skills are new to you, the back of the book is filled with fantastic illustrations to walk you through all of the knitting knowledge you could possibly need. Urban Knit Collection is not only one of the most positive and encouraging knitting books out there, but it also helps you build your knitting skills through the construction of some truly beautiful and unique projects you will wear for a lifetime. Add this book to your collection today!

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