Unique DIY Holiday Gift Projects

Happy autumn! Sweater weather has arrived to Colorado – at least for the mornings – and we here at Interweave could not be more excited about that. It’s such a great time to get excited all over again about knitting and all its possibilities. That is helpful since it’s also about the time to start knitting holiday projects for family and friends. It always takes longer than we plan for, doesn’t it?

I just started my holiday knitting (for “Craftsmas,” as I like to call it) and I figure I’ll have to knit at least one project a week to have my list complete by the time I go home in December. I mostly know what I’d like to make for each person on my list, more or less, but thankfully I live and work in a world of constant “knitspiration.” However, I can’t help but wonder if the people in my life get totally sick of getting knitted things for every birthday and holiday. Fortunately there is a new and unique Interweave magazine that might help me to solve that problem and mix it up this year!

It’s called DIY Holiday, and it features project instructions beyond knitting – crochet, quilting, sewing, beading, weaving, and mixed media. There is something in here for any crafter, regardless of medium. Not only that, it’s a great tool to encourage one to try a new medium. If you’re new to one of the crafts in this issue, you can find free tutorials for getting started here. I’m a knitter through and through, but I have recently learned some basic crochet, so I’d love to try the Biased Granny Pillow designed by Knitting Daily TV host Vickie Howell. I love the varying widths of the diagonal colors, and the stitch pattern looks simple enough for me to attempt. And I have a few people in mind who might like this on their couch!

I own a fantastic modern quilting book that I’ve had for almost a decade, but have never made anything out of it! The Go-Retro Quilt by Michelle Freedman looks totally doable for me, someone who has basic sewing skills, but no quilting experience. The rounded rectangles have such an organic look that I’d feel comfortable free-hand cutting out shapes without templates or come up with my own.

Biased Granny Pillow by Vickie Howell Go-Retro Quilt by Michelle Freedman
Resin Bangles by Heidi Boyd Shisha Ornaments by Susan Haynes Opdahl

The Resin Bangles by Heidi Boyd look like a really fun classroom project for elementary school teachers to do with students before they go on break! (With some precaution because there are chemicals and fumes involved. Watch out for that.) The Shisha Ornaments look like they take a lot of focus, but there are stitch guides included and they are so small and pretty, I bet it’s worth it.

If you’re a knitter and want to stick to knitting, there are four knitting patterns in the issue: a heart ornament, mug cozies, a colorwork cowl, and a scarf. These are also great projects for someone new to knitting or who wants to try it out!

Danks Hjerte by Ann McDonald Kelly Garter Mug Cozies by Cathy Carron
Snowflake Cowl by Celeste Young Walker Scarf by Andrea Babb

Gift-making and giving doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore! The process can be fun and the outcome beautiful and unique, not store-bought. And bonus: if you don’t do all of the projects in the issue this year (and really, who has time?), you have ideas for years to come! Order this issue now, and let us know in the comments below which projects you love from the issue and what you’ll be making for the special people in your life this winter!

Happy holiday crafting!


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