Hannah’s Unified Field Cowl, Part 1

I haven’t thought too much about exactly what I want to learn via my knitting this year. I think I’m more about deciding in the moment what the thing is I want to do next, instead of making a list and potentially losing interest in some of the established goals.

I loved Joni Coniglio’s grafted Unified Field Cowl she designed for Interweave Knits Winter 2019, and figured it would be a good opportunity to try both grafting in pattern (she provides full and clear instructions in her pattern) as well as two-color brioche. I don’t have a lot of experience in either technique. But this was an example of a project I thought was gorgeous and that I’d definitely wear, and also for which I’d need to learn some new techniques and expand my knitting knowledge.

My crochet cast-on row and set-up row. Photo by Harper Point Photography.

I’ve only just started the cowl, as I’ve had to start over several times as I get used to the stitch pattern, what all the individual stitches and sets of stitches should look like, and what each row should look like. Joni and Sarah Rothberg made some instructional videos for you and I to watch to help us while knitting and grafting this cowl. Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

It’s taking me a second to get used to this stitch pattern in the two colors, and that each row of knitting is worked twice in a row instead of just once (by pushing the stitches to the other side of the circular needles instead of turning the work). Fortunately, Joni includes instructions for your swatch first, so you can spend time getting used to the stitches and rhythm.

Get the Unified Theory Cowl pattern for free right now, and post about your brioche and grafting journeys. I’ll report back when my cowl is longer.


Graft the Unified Field Cowl and More!

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  1. Andrea V at 9:50 am January 25, 2019

    “Sarah Rothberg made some instructional videos for you and I to … ”
    Take out the “you” :
    “Sarah Rothberg made some instructional videos for I to … ”

    Grammar tech talk: “I” is nominative case, that is, the subject, the actor, the entity doing the thing. The object form is “me”, the one having things done to it, for it, etc. In this particular case, “I” is the object of the preposition “for”. It is never right to use “I” after a preposition. Never.
    For me, for you and me, about me, about you and me, on me, on you and me, above me, above you and me, over me, over you and me, etc., etc., etc.,

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