Unexpected Cables Delivers Exciting Cable Knitting

Unexpected Cables Heather ZoppettiI loved Heather Zoppetti’s first book, Everyday LaceHeather managed to take familiar lace stitches and use them in new ways to make garments and accessories that were chic and felt new.

Heather’s new book, Unexpected Cables, does the same thing, only this time with, well, cables! Featuring 18 patterns that explore and elevate cable knitting, Unexpected Cables delivers brand new garments and knitted accessories to make along with cabling tips and techniques. Heather discusses how to cable without a cable needle and cabling with multiple cable needles and so much more in between.

Kissel Hill Dolman Heather Zoppetti Unexpected CablesBut of course, a book about cable knitting techniques would be nothing without the projects in which to practice those techniques. Enter Heather’s stunning cabled knitted patterns, including the Kissel Hill Dolman (left). Side-to-side construction is paired with a closed Celtic-inspired cable motif along the sleeves and shoulders. A crisp 100% wool yarn shows off the cable stitches beautifully while keeping the stockinette stitch body smooth and flattering. The patterning is mirrored on both sides, so no matter which way you’re going, you and your sweater would look great!

Rheems Pullover Heather Zoppetti Unexpected CablesHeather’s Rheems Pullover (right) features a wide cowl neck atop a simple cable pattern. The cable stitch pattern is worked all over the body and sleeves of this sweater, with ribbing bracketing the cables at the hems and neckline. Rheems is knit in Lorna’s Laces Sportmate yarn, which is designed to help regulate body temperature to help keep the wearer comfortable no matter the season. I like the way Rheems is styled over the button down shirt, though I could also see it being worn over a tank top for casual comfort.

Drumore Socks Heather Zoppetti Unexpected Cables

I love clever knitted sock constructions, and the Drumore Socks fit the bill. Starting from the toe-up, these socks feature a simple cable panel that shifts across the foot due to a unique gusset construction. After the heel flap is worked, the cable panel continues up the back of the leg to the twisted ribbing at the cuff. A solid color sock yarn with good twist will show off the cable and twisted stitches to their best advantage.

Talmage Pullover Heather Zoppetti Unexpected CablesFinally, the Talmage Pullover (right) might possibly be my most favorite project from Unexpected Cables. An unusual combination of cable stitches and easy lace knitting creates an eye-catching, dynamic pattern in the body of this pullover. Stockinette stitch sleeves keep the pattern contained. A small turned hem at the bottom of the body and sleeves helps to balance this slightly long sweater—but it would be easy to shorten the body just a bit!

There are so many more great patterns in this book, you’ll just have to get your own copy and pick out your favorites!

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