Under Pressure Before TNNA

Tomorrow morning, early enough to not be bright because even the sun knows better than to be awake at four in the morning (even on the longest day of the year!), I will be waking up to head to the airport and catch a flight to Columbus, Ohio. What's in Ohio, you ask? The National Needlework Association (TNNA for short) is holding it's summer trade show in Columbus. Yarn company representatives, local yarn store owners, knitting designers, and other yarn-industry folks are congregating to talk about what's new in the yarny world, and this show will be the first time I'll be going.

I'm a little nerve-wracked. I feel pretty prepared. I've got my luggage mostly packed, I've got a stack of my new business cards, I've got binders containing sneak peeks at Knitscene Fall (check out the preview!) and Interweave Knits Fall, but I'm still a bit overwhelmed. I mean, there's a lot of people to meet, many of whom I've worked with over email for the last few years, and there's a lot to see and do and ice cream (seriously, all I've heard about for the last few years is Yay, TNNA, time for Jeni's), but WHAT KNITTING PROJECTS DO I PACK?

Sorry. I got a little excited.

I have a good amount of time spent traveling, so I'll need knitting for the plane. I'll be surrounded by fellow crafters, so I'm sure they would understand if I pull out a work-in-progress while we're talking. How much time will I have to knit? How much room do I have in my suitcase? How many on-the-go projects is too many?!

Following my own advice, I've got a few options ready go to. I cast on Monday night for Connie Chang Chinchio's Nymph Tee from Knitscene Winter 08/Spring 09 (we're out of stock on that issue, but you can order a copy of the Knitscene DVD collection with this issue for only $6 during our Sidewalk Sale). It's worked in two pieces, with a simple lace pattern at the yoke edges.

The problem? I started the back on Monday and I'll probably finish the back today. So the front will go with me, but it's such an easy and fast knit. Definitely have to have back ups. I've also got an in-progress pair of socks… and yarn wound for another pair just in case.


Is that enough? I'm afraid that's not enough. I'm sure Columbus has yarn shops and I'm sure I will be inspired by all the awesome yarns and vendors I'll meet at the show, but THIS IS SERIOUS PRESSURE. I think I need to cuddle some wool until I calm down.

That's a thing, right?

Don't mind me, I'll be over here, gently rocking back and forth in a corner, muttering about winding yarn. In the mean time, I wish you happy knitting.

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