Under the Hood: Our Most Popular Hoodie Patterns

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that autumn is perhaps the perfect season for cozy, knitted layering pieces. I always look forward to the days growing shorter and colder as I wait eagerly to pull out my winter wardrobe. Knitted turtlenecks, fleece-lined leggings, and, most of all, pullovers, cardigans, and hoodies wait to be aired out and worn once more.

hoodie patterns

Photo by Carmel Zucker.

It should be no surprise, then, that as August begins, I’ve started turning towards some cozy layering pieces for the colder months. Hoodies are a garment I’ve yet to attempt, but this year might be the one. If you’re feeling the siren call of unique, comfy, knit garments, then consider looking at our most popular knitted hoodies for fall. This collection features some of our most popular patterns in one place!

I’m absolutely enamored of the 8,000 Feet Hoodie from Interweave Knits Weekend 2011. The gorgeous colorwork on the hood and wrists add pops of color to the garment, and the shape of the hood is so adorable! In a cozy Merino wool or wool blend, this would be deliciously warm for fall.

hoodie patterns

Photo by Amanda Stevenson Lupke.

I can’t help but love the Apres Surf Hoodie from Interweave Knits Summer 2008. The gorgeous lacework that marches down the body, sleeves, and even hood make this piece look delicate in addition to cozy. Particularly given the fluctuating temperature in Colorado, I’d opt for a hoodie with a little breathing space!

hoodie patterns

Photo by Joe Coca.

And if you’re looking for something more along the lines of a cardigan, I can easily recommend the Correa Hoodie from knitscene Winter/Spring 2011. Knit in Aran-weight yarn, this cozy piece features a shawl-collar, which I am an absolute sucker for. Who doesn’t want some extra warmth around their neck and collar?

Honestly, all the patterns in this collection are beautiful. As you prepare for fall and winter knitting, consider giving one or two a whirl!

Be sure to count your stitches!


(Featured photo by Carmel Zucker.)

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