Twisted stitches and yarn balls

I was going through the recorded programs on my DVR yesterday, and I noticed that I have thirteen episodes of Knitting Daily TV saved. I was going to watch them while I was working, but every time I started to watch, I realized that I wanted to really pay attention, so I never finished watching even one episode.

My knitting friends love KDTV as much as I do, so I thought maybe I’d host a watching party! Doesn’t that sound fun? I’ll gather a few of my friends, provide comfy chairs, good food and drink, and we’ll have a wonderful afternoon with our knitting and great entertainment on TV. I’m really lucky to have some of the KDTV DVDs, too, so if someone wants to learn a specific knitting technique or see a certain special guest, we can go that route, too.

I love how KDTV mixes in-depth instruction with knitting fun and whimsy. Here’s an example of some of the technical instruction that the show provides:

And here’s something really fun (and useful)!

The way those twisted stitches stand out from a plain background is so striking. I also like to use twisted stitches in ribbing, especially on hat brims and hems. The ribbing stays nice and snug, and it looks really nice. (That tip about knitting swatches in the round is pretty cool, too!)

Making those yarn balls is a super idea! They’re fun to make, and a great tool for saving energy; I don’t know about you, but I’d like to cut my drying time by 25 percent!

For my viewing party, I think I’ll do a yarny centerpiece. Here are some ideas I found—what do you think?

And there has to be some fun food, too. Check out these show-stopper cupcakes from; gorgeous!

I think this will be so much fun! I love knitting with my friends, and we’ve taken several classes together, so a KDTV party just seems like a natural.

We’ve got a really special offer right now: the Knitting Daily 14 Volume Collection is on sale for more than half off! This is a must-have for your knitting library, so I hope you’ll take advantage of this great special.


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