Try Something New: Entrelac

The Cochin Shrug by Eunny Jang comes as a free download with the new workshop, Knitting Entrelac: Basics and Beyond.

Entrelac is one of my favorite knitting techniques for texture and visual interest in knitting. It produces a fabric with a woven appearance—tiers of tilting blocks appear to run over and under each other.

But the fabric is actually worked all in one piece as a series of interconnecting rectangles.

I took a class on entrelac from Anne Modesitt at Interweave Knitting Lab, and when I got home I promptly bought some beautiful Noro yarn and cast on the Lady Eleanor Scarf (shown at right) from the book Scarf Style.

Lady Eleanor Scarf from the book Scarf Style

That beautiful yarn and the pattern has been pulled out and started, but it keeps going to the bottom of the in-progress projects pile when other things come up, like knit-alongs, chemo caps, and baby presents. I really need to pull it out and keep it out!

What got me started on the topic of entrelac is Eunny Jang's new video workshop Knitting Entrelac: Basics and Beyond. I recently got my copy, and as always, Eunny has inspired me. She makes it look so easy, which it really is.

I love it when I learn how to knit a technique that I thought was difficult only to find out how really easy it is. And entrelac is also one of those techniques that keeps you knitting, just to see what comes next, especially when you're using a beautiful, self-striping yarn like my Noro.

Although when I look at the design that comes with the video, Eunny's Cochin Shrug (above left), I realize that entrelac is really nice in a solid color, too. The beauty and texture of the entrelac stitch stands out wonderfully in the smooth, solid yarn Eunny choose for this shrug.

Join me as I step back into my journey in entrelac—get Knitting Entrelac: Basics and Beyond today!


P.S. Do you have any tips about how to knit entrelac? Share them with us in the comments!


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