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Hello Knitting Daily readers!

There are so many ways to stay connected to the world: smart phones, laptops, tablets, to mention a few.

I have a Blackberry and an iTouch, and I always carry them with me. I get twitchy if I forget them; I was in the car the other day and realized I didn't have my phone, and I felt a twinge of panic. I had a stern conversation with myself about how I drove for years without a phone and didn't know the difference.

Things have changed a bit since then, though. Have you noticed the dearth of pay phones these days? If you needed one in an emergency and you weren't close to a 7-11 or Circle K, you'd be in trouble.

There are all kinds of non-emergency reasons to carry your tech with you, though; one of my favorite ways to use my phone is with Google maps. I love that little app, I sort of go into a trance watching that little blue dot move as the car moves (I'm in the passenger seat when said trance takes effect—don't worry!).

I have mixed feelings about all this technology, though. I go through periods when I almost resent the ever-presence of my phone. I just don't want to be that available. My solution to this is an easy one—turn off the phone (or the ringer). I think technology has its place, and that's not in a restaurant, movie, concert hall, meeting, or while visiting with friends. Knitting is okay in all of these places, however! (Okay maybe not in a fancy restaurant or at the concert hall…)

I sometimes think  there's too much information flying around out there and because there's so much, and so many ways to consume it, I feel pressure to be looking at my phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts at all hours of the day. I've recently just been checking in every few hours (unless I'm on the clock at work)—it's more fun because there's more new post action to see.

I really do use and (mostly) enjoy all of this technology, and I marvel at the amount of information I can access about the things I'm interested in. With all of my musings about the good and bad of the tech that's all round us, I think one of the best things is that it's so adaptable to whatever lifestyle you're living; you can use it as much or as little as you want or need to, learning as much or as little about your particular interests.

I probably have more knitting apps and websites bookmarked than the average person—shocking! And now we have a free Knitting Daily app, so I can see all of the blog posts, videos, and glossary entries on my iTouch! I love it.

Here's a peek at what the free app has to offer.

Yay! Knitting Daily on your iPod or iPad! It's loading up all of your favorite features… Access the most recent blog posts, including Inside Knits and Inside Knitscene!
Access our latest videos, too! Each time we add a video to our site, you get it on your app. Need to know how to do the 3-needle bind-off? Well here you go!

     Fingerless Gloves     

Free Patterns for Your New App!

I just posted a new blog with two short patterns—a fingerless glove pattern and an easy scarf pattern—that you can knit right from the app! No PDFs to download!

So download your app now! I can't wait for you to carry me around in your pocket.


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