Trendsetter Yarn Giveaway, How-to Video, and More from Barry Klein

Barry Klein is a regular guest-star on Knitting Daily TV. Often seen with fellow knitwear designer Laura Bryant, Barry focuses on designing knitwear to fit correctly, but adds a flair to knitting yarns to also create fun, functional designs.

You can watch various videos of Barry and co-star Laura online at the Knitting Daily TV video gallery. Coauthors of the book The New Knitter's Template, Barry and Laura have talked techniques for knitters this past season and demonstrate how you can take any stitch pattern and apply it to any pattern, customize your sweater necklines, and even how to substitute yarns based on your knitted gauge.  Here's Laura and Barry in episode 604, explaining one of their helpful tips from The New Knitter's Template:

Owner of Trendsetter Yarns, Barry's yarns have been showcased on Knitting Daily TV to rave reviews and have become just as famous as Barry! You can download the free Zig Zag jacket pattern seen on this episode 604 (and pictured at right), which is a classic cardigan that is dressed up with fun leaf and bead elements that are pre-strung to the yarn Barry offers. When Barry says, "let the yarn do the work for you," he's referring to these fashion-forward yarns that add a "wow" element to your knitting automatically, which are also incredibly fun to work with.  

And he has more in store for you in Knitting Daily TV Series 700!


In the upcoming season of Knitting Daily TV, which begins airing in July 2011 on Public Television, Barry shows his brand-new novelty and fashion yarns that add punch and pizzazz to your knitting. One of the yarns is the new ribbon yarn (see left) called Flamenco. Available in six solid-colors and four vareigated colorways, this yarn features a fun meshing that you can spread and knit into, which makes a fun ruffle-effect. Laura sports a V-neck vest in the photo above, where the Flamenco yarn adds an easy, breezy ruffle to the neckline. Or, you can leave it "unspread" and knit on the edge to create a very tight ribbon-effect. You can read more about this yarn and see all the colorways on the Trendsetter Yarn website.

Giveaway! Three lucky knitters will own two skeins of Flamenco yarn!

In celebration of fun, easy, and fashionable knitting this summer, Barry has offered to give away Flamenco yarn! Simply comment on this blog post and let us know which color of Flamenco is your favorite, what you'd knit with this great yarn, or if you've knit with this yarn before what the experience was like. We'll randomly choose three lucky knitters from this post's comments to receive two skeins of Flamenco yarn (enough to make a scarf!). Winners will be chosen at noon Mountain Time on Wednesday, April 27th, so be sure to comment before then!

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This blog post has been sponsored by Trendsetter Yarns. Visit their website for more information on Trendsetter yarns, patterns, and more.


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