Treat Yourself on Mother’s Day: 5 Great Ideas

Mother’s Day is upon us again, that special day when moms are honored with brunch, breakfast in bed, princess toast (never enough sprinkles!), flowers, or whatever great thing kids think of to show their love.

Here at Interweave, we think you should treat yourself to your favorite thing, crafting! We have so many special things for you, but here are five that jump to the top of the list.

Treat Yourself to Adorable Vintage Decor with Needlecraft Magazine Cover Prints

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Adorn your home with one (or more!) of these vintage prints!

From PieceWork’s archive of Needlecraft magazines, we curated a collection of our favorite magazine covers and made them into high-quality prints. These are truly suitable for framing and perfect for your craft room or studio. We love how each celebrates a different aspect of needlecraft; two of them are really special because they show a bond between mothers and daughters over love of craft.

From shearing sheep to spinning wool to embroidery to weaving, let fiber crafts take a place of honor in your home.

Treat Yourself to Endless Design Inspiration with the Alterknit Stitch Dictionary

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Just some of the colorful inspiration from the AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary

Andrea Rangel’s amazing book contains colorwork motifs for every kind of mom, from snarky to sweet. You’ll find inspiration to create your own projects using motifs and ideas from this incredible resource, which includes tips for stranded colorwork, such as color choice, floats, and how to read charts.

Take an unexpected look at stranded knitting with the Alterknit Stitch Dictionary. You’ll find everything from geometric mountains, waves, and spirals to modern bikes, skulls, and sheep. Let the color in, Mom!

Treat Yourself to Warm-Weather Handknit Trends with Interweave Knits Summer 2019

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The Summer 2019 issue of Knits, featuring the Desert Sunset Shawl, Malaquite Tee, and Sonora Cacti Socks

Think you can’t knit sweaters for the beach? Think again! This issue of Knits features 11 beachy sweaters. That’s right, 11. You’ll find at least one to cast on immediately; the Malaquite Tee captured our hearts instantly.

If you’re a shawl knitter, there are 8 to peruse. The Desert Sunset Shawl is a perfect warm-weather wrap—that ocean breeze is real in the evenings, and it really does cool down at night in the desert! Honest.

If mamma knits socks, you need our afterthought heel tutorial. It’s a real time-saver, and so easy!

Treat Yourself to a Virtual Vacay and Knitting Workshop in One with Galina Khmeleva’s The Orenburg Warm Shawl Online Workshop

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Lose yourself in the tradition of lace shawls.

The hand knitted shawls of Orenburg, located in the steppes of the southern Ural Mountains, set a world standard for exquisite handspun yarns and delicate lace patterning. This 300-year-old knitting tradition has been passed from mothers to daughters without any written instructions, and was almost lost during the economic upheavals of the late 20th century.

Galina Khmeleva has made a life work of learning the traditional skills of Orenburg spinners and knitters, and promoting their artistry throughout the world.

The Orenburg “warm shawl” is a luxurious shawl made from a whopping one and a half pounds of cashmere-like fiber from Orenburg goats, and Russian women considered them fuzzy versions of mink coats due to their warmth and expense.

Help keep the tradition alive with this online course. It’s beautifully shot and full of instruction and inspiring stories.

Treat Yourself to a Craft You Haven’t Tried with DIY Woven Art

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Brighten up your home with woven art!

Rachel Denbow’s funky, fresh take on weaving will make you want to weave all the things! She teaches you an affordable way to get started with three low-cost DIY looms you can use to make fun, fast projects for you your home.

You’ll learn basic tapestry techniques you need to make fiber art projects such as textural wall hangings, rugs, and even a chic bag.

Weaving is a great way to use those stash yarns that are begging to be seen.

The Interweave Shop is a bottomless pit of opportunities for fun goodies. What will you treat yourself to this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day Treats for Days!

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