Traditional + Modern = Fabulous Knitting Patterns

Conifer Shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Some patterns just stick with you. Kate Gagnon Osborne's Conifer Shawl is one of those patterns for me. I love everything about it: the small-scale, the worsted-weight yarn, the lace pattern, the cables mixed in here and there, and the subtly scalloped edge.

This pattern is for intermediate knitters, and I'm pretty sure I can conquer it.

Another one that's on my list is Courtney Kelley's Who Me Cardigan. Its deceptively simple styling is perfect for weekend wear, and it would be a fall staple for me to wear to football games!

Here's a little background on these two trendsetting designers:

Kate Gagnon Osborne and Courtney Kelly are designers and co-owners of Kelbourne Woolens, a company that distributes unique artisan yarns in the United States. Their aesthetics share a deep connection to and love of traditional knitting technique, tracing unusual methods and esoteric traditions back to their roots while at the same time making them at-home in modern wardrobes.

As Kate and Courtney say in their book, Vintage Modern Knits (Interweave, 2010): "…we always agree when we find ourselves at the intersection between tradition and modern styling. Our appreciation for vintage cuts, shapes, and techniques in knitting—fine-gauge Fair Isle patterning, intricate lace shawls, and allover cabling—transcends our disparate personal aesthetics. When daydreaming about knitwear designs and bouncing ideas off one another, we pull inspiration from similar sources and eventually find a balance between vintage and contemporary, practicality and sentiment."

Heritage and fashion, tradition and modernity—designs from Courtney and Kate bring pleasure in the knitting and in the wearing.

We love Kate and Courtney, so we've gathered six of our favorites into a new eBook, A Designer Profile eBook, with 6 Knitting Patterns by Kate Gagnon Osborn & Courtney Kelley. Download your copy now and get started with one of Kate or Courtney's delightful designs.


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