Top-down and Hand-dyed, I think I love you.

The preview for the brand new Fall issue of Interweave Knits just went live and, so far, Carol Feller's Clear Creek Pullover is proving to be Ms. Popular. What's not to love about a simple, clean-lined, boatneck raglan with a singular stitch detail and a variegated colorway of Madelinetosh Pashmina? Merino, silk, and cashmere, folks. The color "steam age" is subtle, sleek, but has that pop of pink that sort of winks at you:

It says, I am grown up confetti. The short color runs work really well in this garment, which is worked from the top down in the round. Long rounds, around the whole yoke, that transition into shorter rounds in the sleeves, and shorter-but-still-long rounds in the body, can do weird things with variegated colorways. With the short color runs you see in Steam Age, that's not a problem. The pinks and blues just dance on a ground of grey. You see a little bit of color pooling on the backs of the elbows in the shot below, but it's pretty subtle. 

I was looking around the web for resources on color pooling and came across this Planned Pooling algorithm that purports to predict how your chosen yarn will pool. I'd be interested to know how it works for you! While you're busy swatching up some experiments, check out the Fall issue and let me know what you think of the projects in the comments below. Cheers, 



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